Release Date For Verizon iPhone 4G


Will the iPhone 4G be available in June 2010?

We all know that Apple is top of the pile when it comes to self-promotion. The World is almost hanging on Steve Job’s every word and waiting for the lastest innovative release, the most recent being the Apple iPad Tablet.

What next? How about an iPhone 4G using iPhone OS 4.0?

Not that there is anything wrong with the iPhone 3GS but that is currently only available on AT&T in the USA. They will need to get up to speed to be able to offer 4G and 4G LTE speeds could be available in 2011.

However, Sprint and Verizon are ahead of the game and there is a rapid movement of people seeking the Verizon iPhone. With rumors of an iPhone 4G release date of “June 2010″ searches for Verizon iPhone will no doubt go viral very shortly. Indeed, only yesterday rumors grew about an iPhone 4G with CDMA capabilities for the Verizon Network.

Also eagerly awaited is the Apple 4.0 OS. Will that give people the ability to run two or more apps together like Google Android OS? Watch this space!

UK users will have to be even more patient but rest assured, once it is released, SimplyfreeiPhone will be showing you how to get a free iPhone 4G!

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