According to rumors, Modern Warfare 2 cost Activision $ 250 million

According to rumors, Modern Warfare 2 cost Activision $ 250 million

Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 was not just another game in the long -playing Modern Warfare series Activision, she broke all the records and became the most cash entertainment premiere of the year.

She broke many records in the framework of the franchise, collecting more than 800 million. Doll. in just three days. In 2022. Modern Warfare 2 also took the place of the largest Call of Duty release on the Steam platform, which has become a great success for Activision.

This success caused curiosity about the amount invested in this game of the Call of Duty series. According to the user Timur222, the Modern Warfare 2 (2022) budget amounted to 250 million. Doll.

Although the development of the game cost $ 250 million, Activision did not take much time to recoup this amount. After a large -scale launch, she quickly earned more than $ 1 billion in 10 days. The beta version alone became the largest in the history of Call of Duty.

Since Modern Warfare 2 was a large -scale game Call of Duty, this figure is not too amazing. It included a new version of Warzone, a new campaign, multiplayer and DMZ mode.

Today, most games require similar budgets. The large -scale release of The Last of US Part 2 cost about 220 million. dollars, while the development of games such as Cyberpunk 2077, it took 174 million. dollars.

On the other hand, games such as Star Citizen may require even greater budgets. Thanks to crowdfunding worth more than 600 million. Doll. She received a reputation for the most expensive game in the industry.

Compared to his predecessor, the recently published Modern Warfare 3, most likely, has a more modest budget. Since the game is criticized for a four -hour campaign, processed content and 16 months of development, it was clearly given much less attention.

However, with the advent of Xbox, Activision can get more resources and a larger budget to improve future parts of the Call of Duty franchise.