According to the players, one of the most beautiful open worlds was created in Ghost of Tsushima

According to the players, one of the most beautiful open worlds was created in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima was released in 2020 as an exclusive for PlayStation. Thanks to the Japanese setting and the grasping open world, the game has become one of the best -selling games from internal studios on PS4.

More than 5 million were sold in four months. copies, and PlayStation confirms that more than 10 million were sold for all time of sales. copies. Ghost of Tsushima possessed many impressive virtues, but its open world and visual design were one of the best components of the game.

Recently, on Reddit, games lovers decided to discuss the best open worlds in the industry, and Ghost of Tsushima was named one of the applicants for the title of the most beautiful open world.

The discussion caused many answers. Among them were games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3 and others. However, Ghost of Tsushima gained the most votes.

Tsushima island offers a wide variety of environment. These are mountains, hot springs, and flower fields, and all this diversity is supplemented by the magnificent artistic design of the game.

Artistic style is characterized by brightness and use of various colors to revive the world. As a result, each section of the card seems varied and unique. Various weather effects also contribute to the splendor of the open world.

Every time of the day gives the Tsushima to the island of Tsusima, and such effects as rain and smoke are carefully worked out to emphasize the sophistication of the world. All these elements are interconnected by the original mechanics of the guide wind.

Jin Sakai can use a guide wind to move around the open world. At the same time, a minimum of user interface elements appears on the screen, which allows players to fully evaluate the open world of Sucker Punch Production in all its glory.

All this means that Ghost of Tsushima can compete with the most beautiful games of the past generation, since the magnificent art design of the Sucker Punch Production compensates for the lack of visual reliability of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima is also an exciting soundtrack, which further enhances the effect of the instant passage of the game. The soundtrack includes all kinds of musical compositions – from calm and pacifying to tense.

After positive reviews about the game, it becomes clear that the Ghost of Tsushima visual elements are specially created to captivate the player and immerse him in the game world, so the environment remains an unforgettable aspect of impressions. This superiority also caused praise from industry veterans as Shinji Mikami.