As part of the Fallout Day on PC and Xbox, the sale of games from the Fallout series has started

As part of the Fallout Day on PC and Xbox, the sale of games from the Fallout series has started

Bethesda, and after it and Microsoft, announced the beginning of the eight -day sale of the games of the Fallout series, which starts today, October 23, 2023. This date is not accidental – this is the 26th anniversary of Fallout, the year of the beginning of the Great War, which gave rise to a post -apocalyptic universe, in which the events of various units and the coming television series unfold.

The sale takes place in Microsoft Store, where you can purchase Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition for 8.74 euros instead of 34.99 euros, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for 6.59 euros instead of 19.99 euros and Fallout 3: Game of The Year Edition for 4.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros.

PC games of games are also available in GOG, where you can purchase versions without DRM for all parts, with the exception of Fallout 76. In a word, if you have long been looking for an occasion to get acquainted with the series or replenish your collection, now it’s time to do it.

Would it be better offline patch to f76.

You yourself thought you said? πŸ™‚ Offline Patch – this means they need to introduce the server into the client. And now, dear experts, attention is a question! How many users iron will pull such a combo? And what systemic requirements will have?

The load will increase, but not multiple. If the people play the limit of iron, then this combo will pull.

Well, yes, each of the minimum is at least 32GB and the percent of 12 physical. 8GHz nuclei (if any) Muhhahaha!

Then I agree, the load will increase a little . Well, from the total capacities.

Yes. The solo mode is definitely not enough. I would play.

I played on the server computer what is the problem. The capacity server go for constant circulation of thousands of players and teams on their part.

If you make an office, the requirement practically does not change to the iron.

As an example of a counter striking with bots and without.

Yes, and I saw, as of the Lain, they are testing grains – attention on ordinary computers – there is a video on YouTube.

As I understand it in Folaut 76 in the client of the game (the game sets the user – it is, as it were, cut off), the NPS movements are not spelled out, the event is weekly, and so on – they are registered in the server itself which distributes them. Long describe everything

Cool, but it would be better if the patch would be clarified about NEXT GEN.

I understand when the old games in boxes are bought in the hope in ten years more expensive to sell, but what is the point of doing this, mystery)))

and who buys the number in the hope of resell? buy not to play?

Skairim – compared to Obla, they took and cut the quests of guilds and gave you in replacements – to build a house near the lake for their own . Fallout 4 – Why do you need Vegas’s achievements – to build a crib .The third and Vegas have long been bought, and then the series into minecraft for children turned with an incredible level of development – yes there will be no sarcasm . Thank you, I don’t need it . In Tes 6, we are waiting for the house to turn the house in any cave and the quests go bring the head of the guild to build the building of the guild itself and its system .

Yes Yes. Development planning, resource management and settlements – this, of course, for children. All adults plays in two-button piu-piu-piu.

That Tes, that the foul was not about it . Why anticipate the game that I liked in the genre that I don’t like ? Okay, it would still be this, but here we have done it to you – let’s cut an interesting quest game component and give the player a feature for which he did not like the previous parts . Construction in 4 fouls is a feature that is a curve and does not work well, and the incisions are like me – like ?We compensated you for shitty quests and we gave you construction . I say – thank you for taking interesting quests from me and stuck a garbage unnecessary to me in the game .

Well, first of all, no one forces construction in F4, except for one quest for 15 minutes. Secondly, as shown by the number of building mods on Nexus, this feature of the players more than entered. And personally, I have out of 1360 hours playing in the fourth folich, this very 1300 – just thanks to this "unnecessary feature".

As for the dissatisfied – it is obvious that in the gazebo reasonably reasoned that the haters would always be unhappy. Do not add a feature – "what kind of g*but you released, sold Skyrim again, no development!". Add a feature – "what kind of g*but you released, who needs this construction, would be released further than Skyrim!".

Well, the gazebo obviously did not lose, since the fourth Folych for 8 years in the top 100 stimin on the online.

Now I go through 3 Extnded Edition. ))

F4 in everything is better than the fills with guns F3 and the casino of the clown f3 nv

There, Fallout 76 is sold for 300 rubles, if anyone played, tell me you can go as part 4, that is, without the participation of other players, purely in quests, etc

99% of quests you can pass solo. You will meet with other players one way or another, but it is not necessary to contact them. To play right alone, as in F4, you need to buy a subscription. In it you can create private servers.

If there are any other specific questions, then ask.

In general, the game is complicated?I watched reviews, you need to build some builds on the perkam so that you are not killed in a couple of seconds

She is not complicated, she is a greenhouse

Like a four is the same in complexity. Just in the four you booted if you were killed, and at 76 you will have.

Here vats is converted, not like in F4. There is no time stopping, everything is in real time with other players. Wats here work like Aim-CHA, which shoots the chosen part of the body and almost always gets.

Pan -made people jump constantly and kill everyone in the head, without even aiming.

Building builds is slightly different, not in F4. In the four, you could make a station wagon and get everything, in F76 you can use a maximum of 50 points.

Perki work through cards. You get cards with an increase in the level, you choose what you want, plus still sets every 5 levels.

You don’t have to buy anything for real money, everything can be obtained like that.

It is so difficult in words to explain the system of building builds, but when you play, you will get involved and you will understand how everything works.

I like the F76 system with builds much more than the versatility of the Persians in F4.

You can throw and shuffle the skills maps at any time, that is, to change the build as you want.

There are two stops of skills in a hurry and cards of perks. I run in one preset in power with heavy guns, like minigans, flamethrows and so on. And the second build I have a stealth officer who, through Wats, kills everyone in the head on Izi, is not even noticed due. You can switch between builds for free at railway stations or at home, but you need to put the necessary item.

P.S. If you perceive the game not as a new fallout, but as a separate multiplerner Redim on four, then it is played cheerful. This is essentially as GTA online for GTA 5.