Build a new power of the hemisphere in Victoria 3 thanks to the addition of Colossus of the South

Build a new power of the hemisphere in Victoria 3 thanks to the addition of Colossus of the South

The young countries of South America, freed from the dominance of the European royal family, are faced with a number of problems. The continental wars for independence turned out to be fertile soil for military rule. The rapidly growing population creates a load on the agricultural economy. The emperor-reformer Brazil has a plan for modernization and liberalization, which threatens the established authorities in its own capital. Take the Braks of government with the potential giant of America in Victoria 3: Colossus of the South.

Colossus of the South is a new regional package for Victoria 3, a grandiose strategic simulator of society and the economy of the Victorian era from Paradox. Having focused on the elevation of Brazil as a significant regional power with additional content for other countries, Colossus of the South adds new events, solutions and features to the exciting region for research and development.

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South includes content related to:

  • Pedro II board: Historical actions that emphasize the reforms and ambitions of the Brazilian emperor Pedro Great -Locked, including the abolition of slavery and modernization of the Brazilian economy.
  • Old Republic: the power of the Brazilian landowners and the emergence of a positivist revolution against the monarchy.
  • Populism: Calls of the agrarian oligarchy in Brazil from anti -government bandits and populist integralist movement.
  • National self-awareness: the development of a unique and diverse Brazilian culture, as well as expansionist goals in Paraguay, the unification of South America from Great Columbia and the national movements of the And-La-Laying Federation.
  • Amazon wealth: operate the wealth of the Amazons, avoiding international conflicts and national riots.
  • New Historical characters: the leader of the coup and General Deodor da Fonseca, the dictator-populist Tovtulio Vargas and others.
  • More content for South America: new events, entries in magazines and features of many countries of the region.

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South will be available on November 14, 2023. It will be turned on for free for owners of Victoria 3: Grand Edition or Victoria 3 Expansion Pass subscribers.