Apple iPhone 5 & iPad 2 Rumours

  The free iPhone 5, along with the free iPad 2, maybe having a unique graphics core, the PowerVR SGX543, furnished by Imagination Technologies and launched last January 2009. Apple Insider says that reliable sources inform that Apple should have something on chip (SoC, either A5 or A8) that may utilize SGX543 instead of the aging SGX535 … Read more

Paying With Your iPhone – Swipe Payment System Technology Close?

Reports are emerging that future Apple iPhones (and perhaps the iPad) could have capabilities to spend electronically by a swipe system within the iPhone. It’s rumored that the fifth-generation white iPhone 5 will have these capabilities. The launch date just for this innovation is anticipated around June 2011. Many technology experts suggest that the iPhones will include … Read more

Apple and the Iphone.

The iPhone was introduced to the public on January 9, 2007, but before going public, Apple had created a buzz among consumers who were eager to buy when available. Once Apple announced the price of the iPhone, interest dropped to a low average. Just ten weeks after the launch, the price was lowered, and sales … Read more

iPhone Marketing Plan

Market Summary The iPhone targets consumers who need to store information and communicate or people who want entertainment on the go. Apple’s target segments consist of professionals, students, corporate users, entrepreneurs, and health care workers. Currently, the market for high-end phones like the Apple iPhone is small. Few people want Internet, video, and PDA features … Read more

Release Date For Verizon iPhone 4G

  Will the iPhone 4G be available in June 2010? We all know that Apple is top of the pile when it comes to self-promotion. The World is almost hanging on Steve Job’s every word and waiting for the lastest innovative release, the most recent being the Apple iPad Tablet. What next? How about an iPhone … Read more