iPhone High Prices: Are they ethical?

Anvinraj Sivanandan (2016) has undertaken decomposition analysis elements by phone devices offered by Apple (iPhone) and Samsung. His results are controversial. According to him, differences in labor expenses, cost, and quality of physical components between iPhone and Samsung are approximately inexistent. Although this, iPhone imposes prices several times higher than Samsung. More importantly, given the … Read more

25 Awesome iPhone tips and tricks

Whether you’re a seasoned user or brand new to the iPhone world, chances are you’re probably not using your smartphone to its fullest. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, as these pocket-sized computers boast many hundreds of features buried in the operating system. And so here we share a number of our favorite iPhone tips and tricks, some of which … Read more

Top 10 iPhone Secret Codes

Top 10 iPhone SECRET SETTING CODE Follow the list of the latest iPhone codes list:   *#06# It helps to know the IMEI Number of any phone, i.e., and it will work on any smartphone. *#21# This code displays information about call forwarding(calls, voice, and data) *#62# Information call forwarding if the phone is switched … Read more