Craven-hunter and aggressive spider-man in the first gameplay Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Craven-hunter and aggressive spider-man in the first gameplay Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The expected continuation of one of the best superhero action action in recent years Marvel’s Spider-Man finally officially emerges from the shadow of fan theories and rumors. At the PlayStation Showcase presentation, a full-fledged gameplay presentation Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was shown. The video reveals the appearance of a crane-hunter and Spider-Man with the power of a black symbiote.

The first demonstration of the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay shows the passage of one of the plot tasks at the beginning of the game. At these moments, players take control of Miles Morales. The hero meets Spider-Man in a cult black suit and participates in a spectacular pursuit in the docks of the city.

Judging by the published video, right during the mission of the players will be switched to another playable character. So, for example, from the Miles spider during the chase, control passed to Peter Parker, and then back.

The screenshots of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are bonus:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release will be exclusively on PlayStation 5 in the fall of 2023. As reported, the project will be completely translated into English.

Two black, one from the bazaar of the other from Aliexpress))

Do not care about the fuel oil, the first mission already looks cool, in the spirit of the spider. In the first part, it was possible to use mechanical hands and without a suit for them, maybe it will also be possible to change the suit, and the abilities will remain. Yes, this is not the point, but the fact that there is everywhere sofa analysts who assert themselves insulting all endless criticism.

The game is absolutely the same, on all points that was, only with another plot. Rejoice that Morales are injected to you? What a fanbaza he has, to whom he gave up? And by criticism – it is quite reasonable, just omnivorous have no arguments except "Bad" players.

I don’t know how the guys are you, but I expected more from the game, the visual is no better and no worse than 1 part and the Sybiot’s suit is so disgusting. The first impressions are bad.

Nekst Gene Texture))

Sybiot is a liquid substance, so this is normal

MMM, what a well done is a gaming journalist, now in 2k23 to evaluate the quality of textures on the videos from YouTube))))

well, I am not saying anything, it is likely that this will not happen on the release

Claim sucked out of the finger.

He is here as it should be.

to the NECT Gene and the declared squeezing of all "juices" PS 5 even does not reach and these triangular stumps on the lenses are also like that

All the games at the presentation showed this way!

Symbiot texture as a fuel oil

It is better to see here, and if you look through Opera GX, then it’s even better you can see.

how the opera GH affects the quality of the picture?

reptile Kraven it is cool I hope there will be more villains and so not bad

Venom reminded the prototype. A cinematic video looks like with a series of scripts, diversity added to the gameplay, a picture without any changes, but fans will be delighted.

The whole last 5 minute scene of the video – the player clicks 2 buttons alternately, and around the script. Games that we deserve?

Peter’s costume seemed to download a mod from the Internet and shoved

Yes, right. There are more interesting models of black costume on Nexus.

As expected to. Minimum changes, but Paphos was piled, be healthy. The lizard looks bad. Mission for Morales will seem like an atreus in Ragnarek – to be imposed and annoyed

They said that they would squeeze everything out of the PS5 for Spider-Man 2. Hmm. graphically a little better than the past

So all the relics will go to 4K 60 FPS, most likely. Well, the details of the world have grown up, the production became more abruptly.

4K which will be upcated from 1440 rubles

Maybe there will be Native, or close to him.

1. The graphics in the game (judging by the trailer) looks either at the level of 1 part, or even worse (the lighting works strangely), as well as the texture of the black spider as if smeared. Remember the words, they say the spider will squeeze all the juices from PS5

2. gameplay. The animations did not change absolutely, look at the flights of both spiders, there are practically no new animations, both in battle and in flights. Only flights on armpits and finishers on several opponents.

3. stealth. Of the new chips, I noticed only again the use of gadgets to cut down several opponents, and double finishing (which was in ASM 2012)

4. narrative. Given that the trailer lasts 10 minutes, and from them it is given for 2-3 minutes, it can be concluded that the story will again focus on the parker as it should be, but on the site and unnecessary characters as it was in the first part.

5. Sybut. you need to say something about the suit? It seems to me worse than a black suit and it was impossible to come up with. The inserts on the arms and legs in the form of mucus look frankly bad, and the metal inserts on the mask, for example, look like it is not a symbiote costume, but some kind of metal suit. According to the trailer, we can also conclude that the dark side of Parker is that he speaks more aggressively and Group. Sybiot is a personal story of Parker, right there I can safely draw a conclusion that the game will focus not only on the park, that it will almost guaranteed to bring down the pace, but not as it is obvious in the first part (I’m talking about stealth segments)

We come to the conclusion why such a butthars. Yes, because they talked about the game so much, they say the best game will squeeze all the juices, and in fact it looks like the same game, and even a little worse. I won’t talk about directing either, the moment where Miles rides on the water, it looks frankly bad.

Yes, just the design and quality of the execution of the red-blue costume was very good and modern. Here is the most negligent attitude to the texture. Go to Nexus and see more cool black costumes in high quality. Both classic and more modern. Here, trying to recreate the texture of fuel oil, they made some low-polygonal *. Moreover, the design is almost not touched with the classical version. A close show of faces of a new costume causes laughter at all.

I agree about Morales and Kraven. But I still think that Kraven will not be particularly central villain. In my opinion, they repeat the script with the negative when he was shoved almost in every trailer, and he was in the game somewhere in the third roles. I believe that there may also be. And the central villain may well be Venom.

About lighting is a separate song. And if you look at the close -up of the Quins at the very beginning of the trailer.. then there are such textures and shadows, as if they were transferred to the graphon with PS3. In general, the game of light is some kind of vile. Strong Dawngraid in working with light, compared to the first part, as for me.

So if you yourself are sure that Kraven will not be a central villain, then what to worry then? Well, it will be.

I did not mention the costume to be classic. On the contrary, I expected that there would be some new design, given the approach to the costume from the first part, but it turned out in essence a classic black suit, with stupid metal inserts and sinewy part on the arms and legs

Not bad but not how Sony shouted. What did Jim Rain say there?? And it squeezes all the juices from PS5?

And this is for sure and for the 4th curling?There were like there were some rumors.

Wow, well, the costume is steeply implemented, it fights quite hard. That’s just the graphics … no, she is good, but there they described this … As a result, I see a ps5 graphics from Morales)

Remove the new HUD and the interface elements and this is DLS to 1 part! There is nothing beyond unusual!

In the first shots of gameplay, for some reason, I remembered the game prototype.

Sorry for the 3rd part were not confirmed (

This is what I understand the demonstration, and not these 5 seconds of an incomprehensible gameplay.

It looks gorgeous, it remains to wait for the PC)))

The joke is that there is no bad graphics, the case is in the lighting, if you choose the same time in the first part, the picture will be exactly the same

Yes, forget it. Modern people are baking imbeciles. They always are not all the same.

I also like the criticism of the texture of the symbiotic costume, the type is soapy, but in fact symbiot is a soap substance

well, we still do not know if this is his first contact, we will see in the game itself

It looks good in general

The story. But I agree, he infuriates fiercely. I really want to be leaked, but we know that now blacks are poorly drained.

Eh these glorious times when black was the first)

What exactly he infuriates? A cheerful character.

Morales, on the other hand, came out even more adequate Parker’s kukold.

Black spider will be the basis of the Persian in the game, clear.

Graphone is almost the same as in the first part, there will simply be 60FPS and extensions higher.

We are waiting for Venom! What could be better, of course, if the subtitles at least in English, according to rumors, it seems that English voice acting, voice acting if there is, it will be in the Polish region.

It looks epic, but the design of the symbiot is some kind of strange. Not in terms of textures, as many say here, but in general terms. And the fact that he is like a fuel oil, so he should be so. Including the fact of realism in terms of visual. If the game were stylized as a comic book or cartoon, then there would be no fuel oil effect.

Even waiting for a gloomy atmosphere, and this is more like Division 2 with a spider Menom.The pursuit of the water looks cool

An ordinary typical sequel without a wow effect. I did not see the Next gen here at all from the word completely. Symbiot’s suit looks bad and the point is like the design of such a model. Where is the new graphics about which Jim Rin is screaming there is not clear

The enemy is just worth it?

This is normal for gameplay trailers.

The trailer is peppy, of course, but it is staging. All passage will not happen, unfortunately (

It is interesting what happened, since Peter was so embittered, not counting the symbiot, the symbiote is looking for negative emotions, and what is Craven, or maybe the lizard did.

Maybe not wine people were injured ? Or Mary-Jane ? Aunt May is not considered, because she died in the first part.

There would be a game on a PC, but it’s not interesting, there is no point in the game if you don’t play it on the PC, I think the curves are already last century, they play it is complete on them, PC is still good in everything. the graph on a PC is better and always you can configure for yourself plus there are APSKILA and much more, but as they say, the curling iron wants money, although you could sell at a PC at a console price during the year from the moment it was exclusive, as usual, although as usual as usual when it goes to the PC will already demand Vidyaki 6090 Ti and the like

Grafon has not changed since 2018. And they said that there will be some kind of neophadric picture.

it turned out cool if still for Gwen spider is even cooler

Grafon is All -Retrail, I watch it does not improve it at all, textures straight from the headlight of the edge 4 of some.

No, in Far Cry 4 they will even be better.

One of the best ?

Grafon in the first part, I hope he will go to 4-ku, because judging by the graphene, she will pull him yet

Visually, even completely dies.

How. Well, kaaak can spoil the Symbiot’s costume?! This should be equated to war crimes.

And about his influence, I generally am silent. The selfish alfach whom the symbiote made his owner replaced with impudent Porridge.

Showed only one mission in a black suit, and experts already know in advance how bad the effect of the symbiont on Parker will be shown.