Developers Robocop: Rogue City strive to get an adult age rating to convey “violence from films”

Developers Robocop: Rogue City strive to get an adult age rating to convey “violence from films”

Robocop: Rogue City has no confirmed age rating yet, but when it appears, you can be sure that the game will receive a rating "M" For a mature audience. This is exactly the rating that fans probably hope, given the excessive violence present in the 1987 film, and it is the Teyon Developer who is counting on it. The director of the game Peter Latokha spoke about this during the demonstration of Robocop: Rogue City and said that the team from the very beginning knew that she would strive for Mr.

Latokha talked with reporters after the gameplay demonstration Robocop: Rogue City, and talked about how the team approached the creation of the game taking into account the rating. He said that Teyon, the same developers who created Terminator: Resistance, always strove for a more adult rating and believed that less "Get angry with fans".

"This was one of the first design options when we talked about playing the world Robocop", – he said. "Based on the first films, we were sure that we did not want to limit ourselves to the Teen rating or something like that. We knew that it would immediately be angry with fans if they find out that we had to go to such compromises".

Of course, people probably expected that Rogue City would receive a rating M if they paid attention to trailers. Judging by what we still saw, in the game, Robocop quickly dealt with bad guys, and often this happens with bloody results. Latokha said that the team adheres to the rating wide enough to show what they want and added that nothing had to be cut to soften the tone.

"We definitely wanted to make a mature game, but in fact we wanted to show violence from films that you are not limited in this. But I don’t think we had to do some special abbreviations. This is good. What we really wanted to show in the game can [earn] the rating that we probably get. In principle, this is 18. This is enough to show what we wanted".

Robocop: Rogue City is planned to be released in September for PlayStation 5 platforms, Xbox Series X | S and PC.