Experts from Digital Foundry rated the performance of Street Fighter 6 on consoles

Experts from Digital Foundry rated the performance of Street Fighter 6 on consoles

Already at the beginning of the next month, a new part of the cult series of fighting fighter Street Fighter from Capcom is released. The project will enter the PC, as well as visit the consoles of the past generation from which it is interesting to know the quality of technical performance and features of the performance of the game, especially against the background of problematic recent releases. Street Fighter 6 managed to get into the hands of technical specialists from Digital Foundry, who were generally satisfied with its quality on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PS4/Pro.

The performance of the new fighting was tested on all available platforms, except PC. The Digital Foundry remained satisfied with the modified RE Engine engine, which is used in Street Fighter 6, providing high -quality picture and high stability. Some of the visual effects of the game and models of characters, which look good on all consoles, deserve a separate praise. Experts call the main problem of fighting opera the World Tour mode, which has various technical disabilities, including animation of 10 frames per second on remote enemies, pop -up windows, etc. D.

Features of Street Fighter 6 performance on PlayStation:

  • PS4 operates as 1080p, PS4 Pro: starts in 1440p, and PS5 works in 4K with the ability to switch the display mode "Qualities" And "Performance";
  • PS5 is characterized by an additional depth of sharpness and higher resolution of textures compared to PS4/Pro;
  • Environmental shading, floor textures, density and reflection have lower quality (SSR) on PS4 compared to PS5;
  • SSR is repeatedly involved in World Tour mode, but the quality of the textures is worse than on PS5. Complete loading of textures can take a few seconds.

Features of the productivity of fighting in Xbox Series:

  • On the Xbox Series S only one performance profile operating with a resolution of 1080p;
  • Finging on Xbox Series X is identical to the version of the game on PS5 – also works in 4K and there are several display modes;
  • Series S closer to PS4 Pro in terms of some rendering settings.

The release of Street Fighter 6 will be held on a PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S | X on June 2. Open Beta Faiting will also be held from May 19 to 22, which will allow you to evaluate several modes, arenas and heroes.