Fans complained that the heroes in Baldur’s Gate 3 do not just want to be friends

Fans complained that the heroes in Baldur’s Gate 3 do not just want to be friends

Reddit user with the nickname Ilbol complained about the relationship system in Baldur’s Gate 3. He said that after one dance with Will, his character immediately began to meet with the hero. The fan just wanted to maintain friendly relations.

“I danced with Will only once, I mean only dancing. Now we are officially in relations and all in the camp recognize this. Will treats me as if I am a fucking wife.What the hell is happening? This is so terrible, because I do not want to be in a relationship with him, I do not like him, I never said the reverse. And now this guy walks around the camp and tells everyone that we had sex?Honestly, I wanted to talk to him, I thought to just explain that perhaps it was my fault, that I misled him. I think, where he came from, to dance with someone once is the same as making an offer. But for some reason I don’t have the opportunity to tell him something like that ”- Ilbol.

In the comments, gamers shared similar stories. They spoke with characters on seemingly abstract topics, performed friendly actions, without showing a romantic interest. However, the heroes thought that they were flirting with them. Most often this happens with Gale.

“Gail specifically told me that we were not close enough so that he could show me magic, and then Shadouhart refused to me because I thought that I was in a relationship with Gale. I almost did not talk to him. This game, like real life, is very confusing me ” –Hellknightx.

“My character is in a relationship with Karlah. Everyone in the camp, including Gale, recognized this. I never asked him to show me that magic trick. Now every time I go to talk to him, I have the opportunity to apologize for having to choose between him and someone else. Bro, they were just friends all this time, ” – electricunicorns.

On August 11, Larian Studios published statistics reflecting the elections and achievements of users in Baldur’s Gate 3. According to estimates about 100 thousand. users did not receive mutual sympathy from Astarion. Most players have chosen a novel with Shadouhart.

This is one Spanish shame, you and the brow chat for life hunting, to find out its story and he climbs into your underpants, the intimacy is very not very much made, in general, no one has been so normally and did not reveal this topic, well, except for the Simulators of the Date 🙂

yes, well, very vital, especially for girls x)

Crap. You read it and play dumb. Now I will know that there you need to handle men like a 25 -year -old checker in a jungle of dynamite so as not to marry

Yes there is the whole game is sodom and gamorra. Before the exit that it is not news then to fuck, then the goblin troll stares in the barn, then with the bear.

Yes, they greatly exaggerate here, I personally did not have any problems at all.

Well, don’t choose the answers that lead to bed scenes. It feels like people specially forced to choose only positive answers, despite the fact that in the game you can say that you are just friends

Moreover, hints of sex from partners there are simply nowhere more than now. And the refusal easily passes, even without deterioration. How to play so as not to understand this – a mystery. As well as the fact that Larian divided sex and relationships, and did not bring everything to sometimes delusional in many games "Apocalypse is approaching, perhaps tomorrow we will all die, but so far we will not recognize each other well, we will not get the approval of parents and will not marry – nothing next to the kisses, it is better to die innocent". The same Gityanka easily tends to sex, but we must try to make it a relationship.

Then there will be bearded women and pairs of gay twin in a brothel, and in 3 act in each house there will be or by a trance with a female voice, but in a male guise.

Do not offer intimacy. I may not refuse.

There are of course jambs. Your ass must be covered and not distracted.
Yes. Whatever it is, you listen to, you read the options for answers and clearly understand that one way or another you are talking with P ***** SOM = (Scriptwriters need to hide it more thoroughly, because the attitude towards partners immediately changes at the level of the subconscious. , what do you think "If at the end there was a common suicidal mission, and and hell with them".. -And so it should not be, in theory.

Well, if for you this can block everything good in a person then there are more questions for you, this is not this person defines a person.

I got the impression that the NPS does not look at the floor at all, no matter how all potential scenes it is available.

They do everything for such boys that unsubscribed higher.

This conclusion can be drawn if desired. For me this is an element of role -playing. If everything was done for LGBT, then there would not be normal hetero relations in the game or they would be worse spelled out.

When the game has both hetero and homo, this does not mean that the game for LGBT, it means that it is for everyone.

I understand all complaints from people who believe that the option "take advantage of the atmosphere of weaving to stay longer with Gale" – This is the most reliable option to become with a voracious man true friends, and this option has no hint of flirting and relationships at all.

Or a vampire, offering to do something else at night, except for the conversation, he means probably going to play the counter until the morning

They went too far with intimacy, usually with this they had no problems .

I will pass with a friend who Divinity Original Sin 2 to the holes wiped)) So he recalls that in order for flirting to go between your hero and partners and starts up relationships with almost half the game and develop their story.. And in a bunk they to drag you at all only at the end of the game

Here it was necessary to try, but here you can do nothing and you will be taken by force)

Here’s the sigh of sighs not to fart .

I am a romance of a masterpiece, so I only had one innocent scene with a vinishk at the end of the act. Sex was only in 3 act.

Of course, some other Persians tried to roll up, but I dared them in time.

But you can news about the fact that everything is fine in the game and with other characters can lead friendly dialogs? Or about the fact that there are at least a few stages there to tell the character that he is just a friend? And if you choose a pair, then the rest of the characters adequately react to this with phrases that they are happy for us and are satisfied with friendly relations?

You read such topics and comments under them, and you quietly go nuts to yourself. Exactly as the moment with the bear, where the developers showed one of the options for relations, but people wrote as if a bear is a fuck at a certain moment of the game, without options, so that you did not choose and how you did not play, directly a mandatory scene, without which the game cannot be passed

Fuck, people, I was in a relationship with Sedou and Gail suggested that I retire at a clearing under the stars at night, after which my GG perceived him as a partner with words "at the expense of the night that we spent together. ". The pretext was, of course, veiled. I literally perceived it as for "let’s go to bang the beer, I will have to explode so soon". Heroes have 0 faces, it doesn’t matter who you play. And yes, I would not perceive my friend just as before, if he suddenly wanted to have a novel with me and take it into the bed. It was there with everyone – except Will, though. Just lucky, not "I downloaded friendly relations")

As far as I know, when creating a character, you can put it as you identify by sexual basis. And it seems, as if not all satellites are bisexual. There are monolians, if for free relations, well, all different. Girls did not want to stir with me, except Laesel. Of the men, of course, everyone offered all different things. But here is a separate topic. Astarion climbs to you because it is beneficial for him. Gail – because he has a syndrome "A boiled kitten", not offended (so the guy is not bad). Will – there is nothing even to say here, he must stir with the Karllah, they complement each other. Druid is just a walking fuck, he just needs. Even the fucking emperor pulls his tentacles in his panties because you regretted him (in fact, the manipulator is still like for me). And this is not counting all the other secondary Persians who can offer you some "experience". I was most disappointed by the fact that I tried the whole game, talked, pumped trust to the maximum, made all the obvious elections and did not receive the epilogue at the end of the game. Who does not know, at the end you should get an epilogue, like a dialogue scene with your love interest. Unfortunately, I looked only on YouTube this epilogue. I will try again, I want to understand what and where.

P.S. And yes, this is Will’s face on the cover of the topic is just a brain removal. He is so stubborn. I laughed for 10 minutes in a voice.

I have all the rules, an affair with Shadouhart, and I understand all hints.

That feeling when you are a woman, and the game is life

What did you want from mud promoters

So that they do not touch the legendary series of the past. They want to sculpt wretched and stuffed with the agenda of the bang*o for shkolota – flag in hand. But not let them not call their Vyser the third baldur.

Only now the game is top -end.

Take care of the ass of a young man

Karlah, lady, if that (even if there is a penis d)

Hmm. I also hit at such a moment, although not so critical. All the same, here and the truth is upset that there are no simple such friendly dialogues and simple support of the Sopartisitsa.

Regarding those who are now writing on this news:

and t.D. Guys, understand this news, the game does not become disgusting and bad. Moreover, I also do not like the themes of the same -sex love and other agenda. However, this game makes it possible to clearly understand how to make games and adopt the experience (and I will say right away, you just need to attract a summons here. It’s not about it).

Honestly, you can create a fantasy of the Universe yourself and make your suitable games on it, there would only be motivation and some kind of vision. But complaining about the game that there is a summons in it is still stupid. Think more rationally and not with emotions.

How to correctly shove the agenda for those who used to be clumsy before.

What did you write to this? I still have a negative way to the agenda. Just unlike many I understand that if you want to win some war, let’s say. Then you have to counter something. And so you can resent as much as you like, but no sense.

it is, the whole game is a very competent agenda deception.

The same problem was in mass effect 3. It seems that he went to visit Kiden in the hospital, and he already thinks that we, damn it in a relationship. And I play for a man.
It does not show which options for flirting? We have to wait for a mod.

Kayden only for women

In 3 parts, he generally caught up with a bisexual.

There is no third part. In the third, in general, as if gay bomb exploded.

In the 3rd part I didn’t have it)

In ME3, for both sexes.

Well, this is a natural consequence of a robotic interpretation "progressive" The sexual agenda is the same. If any relationship must provide for sexual development. Including – same -sex relationships and even relations with a bear and a pig, then in the dialogs in the game on any significant NPC and key pigs and bears, scripts for the implementation of the relevant relations should be posted.

Friendship is a single -sex version of asexual love. Including – biochemically.
Friendship completely excludes sex, otherwise it is called differently, friendship can accompany a love relationship, but they, in this case, are no longer called friendship.
If the authors allow the transition of same -sex relationships to sexual, then they exclude friendship from their picture of the world as an asexual. This is incompatible.

Hence the numerous social problems with excessive sexualization of life.
In fact, a person in this way narrows his social space to sexual, excluding various types of sublimation and elimination of physiology in their social relations as a class.

Who is the name of prescribing scripting scenes for bisexual or homosexual NPCs?
Naturally, bisexuals and homosexuals.

But they, damn it, cannot prescribe friendship scripts normally, they have a problem with the friendship of the problem, at the level of psychology, their consciousness is hypersexualized, it is easier for them to empathize with a fairy -tale bear -gay bear than a heterosexual consumer closed by cultural barriers.
Therefore, they all scripts roll up very quickly on an important plot for them in life.

Of course, homosexual scriptwriters are free from cultural restrictions.
They overcame them.
Together with their overcoming, a heap of plots that were due to these restrictions were due to.

Now only with a bear, only with a sofa, only hardcore.

And the game is great, yes.
The reference even.
The third act is finishing. 75 hours.
Barbara Avtandil brought Lizaveta lizard, she is the most adequate of the presented companions. The fan of the dark ball is some kind of nervous, painful, in my opinion, it turned out))

Several groups of scriptwriters worked, not only disassembled above.
The main plot came out pretty pretty enough.

Oh, these "The storytellers", Read even funny.

You can’t spoil friendship with sex, the drunk Vasily said, taking off his pants from his sleeping friend Petrovich. I recall, DOEGON Age 1, but even there everything was not so intrusive.

I also noticed all this. In the camp, all some kind of preoccupied. Gityanka and in all the masochist, so that your relationship develops at a certain moment she needs to be beaten.

The portup on it clearly hinted at this 🙂

Tifling is also in a very special outfit, but she has no such inclinations.

In the third part, it lets it, as it leaves the sect of fans of the Gitiyan grandmother, and it becomes rather romantic

Well, or vice versa. Then she herself stops and will say that he cannot beat GG and in general he is pretty.

Heh, and Sedouhart makes a virgin on the contrary. There is no longer any further kisses. But all others offered.

The breeds provided for everything and with it the rainbow vomit in another is hidden. You either allow her to kill one fucking lesbukh and become a dark justice who will sacrifice you, or you will listen to the story of "The evil father does not approve of the abnormal manners of his daughter". Where you will be driven into the head in direct text, that the agenda is good.

You can get rid of lesbukha later.

Maybe. But this does not cancel the above.

Lesbukhi NIS Topic, do not. Well, here you care, your business. Everyone plays/lives as he wants.

I don’t understand you about the history of Torm and I don’t understand at all, you’ll make some dyspinf. About which "Clushing to the head" you say? Aho, people, bastard, you see what is not. You just played the game? There, the problem was completely different, the topic of orientation and problems with it did not even raise (there was no word about it literally), her father was not even worried about and this was generally worried and "Sludge" He became for other reasons. I just invented something for myself and bred here. Everything is fine with his daughter, an ordinary girl who fell in love, and her father was embarrassed that she fell in love with an immortal creature, and then for some reason she dies and then he already starts "Evil evil" and from one god to another jumps into the ministry and the revival of his daughter and this is the whole knead, if it is easy to explain in two words as simple as possible. And what you have divorced here for nonsense from "Lesbukhi" Only one thing to you. You are some kind of mega superficial and dull conclusion from their history and did not even understand its essence.

Allowed Asterion to dive blood from his neck, for he regretted him and gave the squash, and he immediately began to stick, Brazyatin

It was necessary not to resist so that he sucked you out. The next morning you already see your cold corpse. Then you go the same vampire to the skeleton and resurrect your GG for 200 Golds. Then you switch to the resurrected gg and go to the vampire in the tent to say a couple of affectionate, or even a stake into the heart to drive. After that, he will no longer be up to you.))

And I immediately put him under the rib of the rib – Nekher here is the vampires of all sorts of walking!

The case when the problem passed absolutely by. I play in a coop with a girl. All dialogs with the Sopartians of women on me, all dialogs with men on it. Laazel immediately seized (she declares directly her intentions), options with flirting for the Karllah are well read and passed. Well, calmly romance Sedouhart.

Lol. And I was close to everyone. But in the end, no one offered me anything. Even the skeleton scolded me for this. Although okay, my paladiner still tries to converge with Shadouhart. Even in the circus, she called her her love and all correctly called her. But alas. Moreover, with all the maximum relations. Apparently you cannot chase a good attitude. Or I don’t understand. Now I’ll go for the Karllah romance masterpiece, then vice versa. And then take a monk and try to stir up with both. Let’s see what happens.

I didn’t succeed with both. Karllae says something like: "I don’t want to share. " and like you remain friends

I don’t understand, is it really a problem for some to carefully read dialogs and turn on the brain? Everything is obvious there.

Here I am about the same.

We need to cancel Will)

Is there any way to plant Karllah in 3 act or is it all ?

If it is in the location of 1-2 acts – all. The train left. I do not really like such restrictions in the movement around the world. In the second divinity, this was caught in the eye

Fuckers with his gay agenda, how are these valves. I will take the temptation, tear off Gale’s hand, kill Astarion, kill the fucking rear -wheel drive druids. I will kill everyone in the game, who at least the hint of the rear -wheel drive will do.

oh exactly the gale is still fagot (do not talk to him about weaving, just immediately break all the conversations about him in the root), but there are all the men, especially be careful with the bear (he is a spoiler is a druid), do not take kindness and desire to make friends with how it looks, hold on as cold as possible and detached. I warned you! Well, the most important fagot, of course, Astarion there, even the voice hints that he has long been a holey, and the sweet manner of mannerism is also nonsense. The most normal of them is Will, the main thing is when he does not need a tear at the celebration "comfort" just leave him alone, your ass will appreciate it. The only one who did not encroach on my point is dried (apparently because everything has sucked out there), but he actively creates you if you don’t have a couple urgently find it, and when you have it to score for these relations because you have it because "all the thrlen and vanity and sticks" (Decide you are already a fucking personal!).

This is the problem of the lack of a tag of a heart, I talked with Karllah with a light flirt, and now relations are also attributed, and it is impossible to cancel in a conversation.Fortunately, there was earlier a scene with a magician where they directly spoke about this, otherwise it would be embarrassed.

The problems of people who do not know how to communicate, without hearts you will not figure it out) phrases are very different there and how to send to hell

Normal people flirt not only for the sake of relations "Saw" In the future, but just for the sake of strengthening friendship. But the game suggests a priori any flirting as a desire to sleep with a character. The game does not imply the existence of friendship. It is not normal. It’s disgusting. This is unrealistic and illogical, in the end, from the point of view of the development of relations in general in a healthy society.

No, I have a good relationship with Gale, but he doesn’t want me, but Astarion is on neutral, for a fan, he asks for a pepikhon and you can break a toad

Normal people flirt not only for the sake of relations "Saw" In the future, but just for the sake of strengthening friendship.

You and the men are flirting to strengthen friendship? Then I have bad news for you.

This is the problem of not the lack of labels, but the stupidity of the players who are accustomed to the almost complete attachment of the games and the lack of understanding of the phrases said by the character, if they are additionally visualized by prompts. It seems like the hearts you mentioned or marking in the DAI, where you can actually not look at the phrases at all, but simply to press on the desired badge, without even thinking that the character will say. And this despite the fact that I personally did not come across the game "Unobvious" phrases. At some point, having accumulated the approval of the pile of partners and avoiding for a long time just the dialogues with them, it turned out that almost the entire camp, except Will, decided to post. And perhaps except Gale, who has a tackle from afar, the rest "Hints" From the cycle "There is nowhere more understandable" – But even with Gale, the moment with weaving is clearly visible when it can come in "not there". Astarion quite obviously begins to ask for a compliment regarding his appearance, which, in principle, is not very accepted in male society. And Laesel generally needs to ask himself what is wrong with her to get a direct and obvious desire for Kex. And notice – not a relationship, but a cupcake, which she will say directly after the first time. Carlah makes it very directly makes it clear that "I would saddle the hero for a couple of days", call it "light flirt". and with a different version of dialogue, hints are quite understandable.

The real disadvantages can only be attributed to the fact that with a certain priority "approval of bastings", Relations with others do not end. For example, if in the absence of connections to go and negotiate with Laesel, a dialog branch with a relationship with Shadouhart disappears, but if you first agree on an evening with a shadouhart, and then talk to the hyperian immediately, you will get the scene first with one, and on the next rest – on the other – on the other. And not with any "connection" Do not stop. Moreover, in my case, with this option, on the first long holiday of the KAT scene was. with Karllah, who is generally not care about the rest and which the only one herself directly rolls up to the GG, if the player does not do it himself or does not refuse dialogue. As a result, out of curiosity now 3 "in a relationship" – Karllae is waiting "I just need a cupcake" and Shadouhart in romance. Waiting for how it ends and when the moment of the hard choice comes. Not because it pulls on a harem – but it’s just interesting how this option was implemented)

PPC, dumb play now. It seems that I started with Sudouhart, they drank wine already, but then I agreed to a bed meeting with Laesel. And now it is not clear what will be. Of course, I would have looked at how it will spin with Laesel, but if because of it I will lose the opportunity to romance a masterpiece, then I will not continue the game. And this is the glory of God to romance me. It would somehow be warned that this event is irrevocable or would give the opportunity to flirt with everyone, and then arrange Santa Barbaru, but no, we have separate lazy people of all the romances, which will also take each other without warning. And this is only the first act, that is, the conditional grandmother Jaheir or the Dark Elf can and do not hope to be submitted after the first act. Thank you, I ate

You will not lose anything)

Laesel, if, after the first re -pipe, to talk about love will immediately give out on the forehead that there is nothing like that, "It’s just a cupcake" And for a long time you have to achieve the reverse. About "spoiled without warning" – I already wrote above, there is a strange mechanics, if you first roll up to Laesel when it "Ready", The core of romance disappears. But if you do the opposite, first to Shadow, then agreeing to go to the Gityanka for a while – the novels go "independently". Will it be to the end – I don’t know yet, I have not reached it, but so far there were no scandals)