For the simulator of the Planet Zoo zoo, a set of deserted animals will be released

For the simulator of the Planet Zoo zoo, a set of deserted animals will be released

Frontier Development has announced today a completely new expansion for the Planet Zoo zoo simulator. Offering players to bewitching the choice of animals from dunes, deserts and dusty plains, Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack will go to PC in Steam June 20. All players can also enjoy a number of new functions as part of a free update of the base game.

Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack adds eight impressive new species to the game, each of which adapted to one of the most severe and arid climatic conditions in the world. Get acquainted with a camel-zone, which can immediately be distinguished by an unusual hump; African crested porcupine with its branded comb on his head and pointed needles; majestic black rhino; elegant addax; striped Somalian wild donkey; cute sandy cat; Bede Gazelle-Dama and a poisonous deserted horned viper.

The behavior of every new animal will certainly surprise guests, although they may want to stay away from one -handed camel, which can spit if you get closer to it! Visitors can admire a small but playful sandy cat, which uses in a new way to enrich, such as rubbing pillows and a cardboard box, and listen to how a Somali wild donkey roars each other. Guests can also see African crested porcupine, resting near his hole – he can even raise his characteristic needles if he feels caution.

In addition to eight intriguing species, novice zoo carers are invited to test their management skills as part of the new scenario of the campaign regime. The prolific secular lioness Tiffany Summers arrives in the Arabian desert and is determined to prove that he can cope with the heat. Players must work to turn a plot of land that she received from her father into a magnificent oasis for animals in preparation for the solemn opening of the park.

Along with the package, a free update of the basic game provides all players with a number of additions, improvements and improvements to the quality of life. Among the additions are the new Staff Flexi-Color tool, which allows everyone to use the goalkeepers to use new bright colors at a team or individual level. Meanwhile, players who want to examine their parks and capture their creations in new exciting ways can do this using a camera in a picturesque mode and an editor of cinematic routes.