Gothic Classic update for Switch corrects a staircase error that has been present in the game for more than 20 years

Gothic Classic update for Switch corrects a staircase error that has been present in the game for more than 20 years

The recently released version of Gothic for Switch was supposed to receive a number of corrections that eliminate errors that have been present in the game on the PC for more than twenty years. From many "old" The problems of ThQ Nordic really managed to get rid of, but some of them remained, and new ones were added to them.

In this regard, it was announced about the release of a patch – he was supposed to go out before the end of this week. ThQ Nordic kept its word, and patch 1.02 is already available for loading. The list of changes can be found on the Gothic Community server in Discord, going to the category "only for reading", and then to the channel "Gothic-News".

Corrections in patches 1.02 for Gothic Classic:

  • Fixed a mistake due to which black goblins did not move;
  • Fixed stairs;
  • NPC no longer hover and do not go through the air;
  • The script, because of which Kalah, too quickly applied the sleep spell to the nameless when he tried to rob his chest, now works correctly;
  • The script, because of which Snipes attacked the nameless when he opened Aaron’s chest, is now working as it should;
  • With the defeat of the nameless in battle, he loses his weapon – NPC can pick it up, just as we can pick up their weapons after victory in battle;
  • Fixed the rise of the folded objects;
  • Quest "Chronom" Now it can be completed;
  • Improved archery;
  • User interface: the scale of the objects of objects is improved (the rings in the inventory are now displayed correctly);
  • Preliminary viewing of the card now works as expected;
  • Fixed a bug that led to incorrect rounding of the value of a large number of items put up for sale;
  • Fixed all other mistakes in trading with merchants;
  • NPC, which use long -range weapons, now do not freeze when loading the conservation;
  • Fixed the use of chandeline and horns outside the inventory;
  • The error with sprint run is eliminated;
  • Bleeding is now displayed correctly;
  • Fixed an exploit that allows you to repeatedly increase damage from fire;
  • The name of the selected spell is displayed correctly when you want to use it;
  • Magic circles are displayed correctly when using the corresponding rune;
  • The script, which caused the incorrect Dialogues of Lester in the mission in the mountain fortress, now works correctly;
  • Fixed an error in the script that caused problems in the dialogue with Diego during a joint search for fire stone, if we prematurely killed enemies;
  • A quest associated with a Torus is no longer blocked.


  • The name of the spell is displayed in the upper part of the Magic Circle menu;
  • Improved field of view when playing in broad -screen resolution;
  • Preventing can now be turned off using the B button;
  • Now the dialogs are correctly scaled both in the portable and in the desktop modes of Switch;
  • Improvements are made to localization;
  • Improved rain;
  • Implemented "Legendary" camera setting;
  • Added a new look and focus (?) cards;
  • Now objects can be thrown out of the level of inventory;
  • Improved interface of dialog options;
  • It is automated by the exchange of objects for nuggets of ore – it is enough to choose items for sale and confirm the deal to complete it if the merchant has the number of nuggets corresponding to the cost of our goods (there is no need to manually turn the windows).

If you are faced with errors on Gothic on Switch, you can report them on this page. Recall that errors will also be implemented in the PC version of the game. However, at the moment it is not known when this will happen.

Gothic Classic – this was the name of the Role -playing game for the Nintendo console – was so popular in society that the boxed publication prepared by ThQ Nordic turned out to be too small for the needs of the players. In addition, the second part of the series will also be subjected to such an alteration. Gothic II: Complete Classic will be released on Switch November 29.