Hearing: Red Dead Redemption 2 and the loss of employees caused the abolition of the plot DLC for GTA 5, not GTA Online

Hearing: Red Dead Redemption 2 and the loss of employees caused the abolition of the plot DLC for GTA 5, not GTA Online

Recent leaks continue to gain speed. Although they are associated with the September hacks of 2022, the latest details that appeared on the Internet relate to eight abolished DLCs for GTA V, Bully sequel and much more. Recently, GTA Online has become a trend, since it is she, according to most players, is responsible for various canceled projects. But is it really so? Has Rockstar Games canceled its ambitious plans to create the plot DLC for GTA V in favor of GTA Online to earn more money? Judging by the new rumors, everything may not be so simple.

Against the background of ongoing criticism, which is subjected to GTA Online, managing partner and director for "X"-Gamepasstracker Synth Potato’s content went to social networks to clarify the situation. Judging by his post, Rockstar Games actually did not give priority GTA Online to the detriment of the plot additions of GTA 5. Instead, the success of a multiplayer game helped single -user projects in the long term.

In his post on the site X Synth Potato explained:

According to anonymous developers, the plot DLC for GTA 5 and Bully 2 were not canceled due to GTA Online. According to sources, in 2014, Leslie Basolis (one of the most important producers Rockstar) and the Hausers strongly quarreled because of Leslie’s desire to focus on online games, and not on single ones, to ensure the future Rockstar. The proof of this is that Basis is now creating an online Fortnite style platform under the name Everawhere.

Leslie broke up with Rockstar Games in mid -2014. His departure led to the fact that other employees began to leave the studio. Many of the departed worked on the plot DLC for GTA 5. This led to the fact that work on additions was stopped for an indefinite period. Just because the Rockstar Games team had to hire new people and train them from scratch on the Rage engine, since the Red Dead Redemption 2 was also at the early stage of development.

During this period, the GTA Online team went very well, and she achieved impressive success. Seeing this, Rockstar decided to offer them more resources to expand the support of online games. The decision eventually justified itself, as even more players reached out the game. In 2016, the GTA Online team even started working on Liberty City, but this also had to be canceled in favor of Red Dead Redemption 2.

By the end of 2015, the dream of plot extensions for GTA 5 died, since the Hausers decided to focus on the Red Dead Redemption 2. Ultimately, RDR2 became the largest game Rockstar in scale and details, GTAO provided Rockstar financial security at this time, which allowed them to fully focus on the same single game, and not on the release of many small games, so in this sense, yes, GTAO affected how Rockstar makes games.

It should be remembered that this is official information and therefore should be treated with a share of distrust.