Honor of Kings: World, Legend of Ymir and Ash Echoes will receive DLSS 3 and ray trace

Honor of Kings: World, Legend of Ymir and Ash Echoes will receive DLSS 3 and ray trace

NVIDIA announced that the upcoming games for PC Honor of Kings: World, Legend of Ymir and Ash Echoes will have DLSS 3 support and rays tracing at the start.

All three upcoming games are developed by different Asian studios. Honor of Kings: World is developed in the Timi Studio Group studio Tencent (Arena of Valor, Call of Duty: Mobile, Pokémon Unite and the upcoming mobile game Monster Hunter) and is a role -playing game with the open world in Genshin Impact, based On Honor of Kings, IP, which first appeared in the popular Moba game, originally released in 2015.

History of the game Honor of Kings: World writes a famous Chinese science fiction writer Li Tsysin, who gained fame "The task of three bodies" (will soon go to Netflix in the form of a television series). In honor of the news about support for NVIDIA DLSS 3 and Timi Ray Transition, Timi showed a combat gameplay trailer. Honor of Kings: World still has no exit date.

The second game Trio is Legend of Ymir from the South Korean developer Wemade. Legend of Ymir is an action mmorpg based on a new interpretation of Norwegian mythology. As expected, given the prerequisites, you have to save the kingdom from Ragnarok. Mass siege PVP transfers have already been confirmed.

Legend of Ymir is developed on Unreal Engine 5 and will use its proprietary functions to the fullest, with the addition of ray trace (for lumen and reflections) and, of course, DLSS 3.

Here is an excerpt from the backstage video diary:

The lighting uses one of the key technologies of the new generation UE5 – Lumen. To use Lumen, we minimized the use of direct light sources in the background design and mainly used indirect light sources to allow players to enjoy the new generation graphics.

Moreover, using the Nanite system provided by UE5, we were able to strip realistic high power sources directly without additional processing.

The last announced game with DLSS 3 and the support of rays trace – ASH Echoes, an isometric tactical game in real time with anime schedule. In the trailer, reflections with ray tracer are clearly visible, although on some materials they have a little overdoive.

NVIDIA also confirmed that System Shock has already been supported by DLSS 2, and Party Animals will support both DLSS 2 and Reflex.