iPhone 11 Review

As everyone is aware by now, the new iPhone has recently come out. However, everyone might not know whether or not the new iPhone is worth purchasing. The first thing that most people are concerned with is the price of the phones. Everybody will be happily surprised that many phone companies are offering insane discounts on the iPhone 11.

If you have Sprint, you can get the phone for $0a month with an iPhone 8 or newer trade-in. AT&T offers a buy one get one deal. T-Mobile offers half off with an iPhone 8 or newer trade-in. You have to be fast, though, as many of these deals are going to expire soon! With price out of the way, we can now begin to talk about the countless improvements from previous iPhones.The camera is the top new feature on the iPhone. Like no other iPhone, the iPhone 11 comes with a dual-camera setup, taking better pictures than ever before. It also comes equipped with new camera features, such as night mode, allows better visualization of pictures taken in the dark—the phone comes with a better processor and more memory, allowing the phone to see a substantial increase in speed.

You will also see an increase in battery life due to the bigger battery capacity, which everybody needs. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 ProMax also came out, but is it worth getting them? I’m inclined to say no, as the differences between them are practically inconsequential. The only main differences between these models and the iPhone 11 are the display and the third camera. The third camera boasts 2xoptical zoom, which most of the common public won’t even notice.

The pro models utilize an OLED display, meaning it is brighter and displays colors at a higher resolution. However, without comparison, you would never know the difference. The iPhone 11 display is still incredible. So, it boils down to, are you willing to spend an extra $300-400 just for an OLED screen and a third camera? Overall, it is worth purchasing if you can take advantage of one of the many discounts. Otherwise, it would be best to wait until you can.

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