Marvel’s Spider-Man turned 5 years old

Marvel’s Spider-Man turned 5 years old

Spider-Man was one of the first superheroes who came to the game industry. The character has already managed to acquire many games on consoles of different generations, and his last adventure began with the game Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018.

After an unsuccessful film "New Spider-Man: High Stress" Insomniac Games intercepted from Beenox the right to develop the game Spider-Man. Marvel signed an exclusivity contract with the PlayStation, and the Insomniac Games soon started working on the game. For the first time, Marvel’s Spider-Man was announced in 2016, and two years later the game came out as an exclusive for PS4. And yesterday the game celebrated its five-year period, thereby noting the exciting return of Spider-Man to the world of games.

Unlike a number of other games about superheroes, Marvel’s Spider-Man did not become the first worthy game adaptation of Spider-Man. If previous games were limited in capabilities due to the budget and binding to films, then in the case of the game for PS4, this is not so. In addition, a magnificent visual design was presented in Marvel’s Spider-Man, thanks to which a friendly neighbor immediately appeared before millions of fans.

Less than four months have passed since the release, and the game " Spider-Man" From Insomniac Games has already dispersed more than 9 million. copies. In 2020, the studio launched a spin-off based on Miles Molesa. As a result of such successful releases, 33 million were sold by 2022. copies of two games of the series. Last year, Marvel’s Spider-Man also went to Steam, which allowed to attract more players to the game than ever.

Thanks to this success, the InSomniac Games in October 2023 is preparing for the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 premiere. This is the most anticipated game from the PlayStation Studios, which will be released on PS5 this year. Several playable characters will appear in it, a more spacious open world and a suit of Spider -Man – Symbionte.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release will be held on October 16 on PS5. The anticipation of this event is so great that the Remedy decided to move the Alan Wake 2 release for a later term in order to avoid competition with the game about Spider-Man.