Modder corrected a large omission to Stlas-Gample Cyberpunk 2077

Modder corrected a large omission to Stlas-Gample Cyberpunk 2077

Despite the large number of advantages in the stealth gimple of Cyberpunk 2077, the only way of secretive murder is to sneak up to the enemy and grab it without weapons. In this case, you can turn his neck or strangle to the loss of consciousness. and nothing more. Each time the same animation.

It seems that we should be able to use our cyberimplaces in order to hit the enemy with a fist of the gorilla, strangle him with a monopoly or stick a blade of mantis into the brain. Or, for example, come close to a knife or katana in your hands, without violating secrecy. But CD Projekt did not think of adding near-battle stealth Finishers either with cyberimplaces or weapons.

Stealth Finishers, recently updated for Cyberpunk 2.0, corrects both shortcomings. The mod allows you to commit secretly by the weapon of close combat as soon as you crept up to the enemy, but at the same time retains the possibility of capturing the enemy if you want it. You can download it for free from our site.

Modder Kvalyr notes several restrictions in the current version of Stealth Finishers, although I would not consider them critical. One of them lies in the fact that murders in close combat, even if you squat, create more noise than when strangling the enemy, which means that they can alert other enemies. Perhaps this will be changed in the future version of the fashion, but this is a completely acceptable compromise – you get the opportunity to see a more interesting animation, but there is a certain risk of detection.

Even if you sneak up to the enemy from behind, then as soon as you click on the button "Kill", You can see the animation of the strike in front, since the game does not provide script animation for close -up finishers from the back from any weapon. Finally, not all stupid and non -lethal weapons were tested, but the author notes that if you go in a non -lethal way, then in any case you can simply use the default technique by default.