Most Baldur’s Gate 3 players chose to tie a love affair with Shedouhart

Most Baldur’s Gate 3 players chose to tie a love affair with Shedouhart

After the record launch of the Baldur’s Gate 3 and the news on preparing for the first large patch, Larian Studios was still able to cut out a little time to offer gamers an interesting game statistics.

It has even a small section dedicated to a romantic relationship, and, apparently, the community has a clear favorite.

Each of Baldur’s Gate 3 is remarkable in its own way, but Larian reported that most players eventually started an affair with all their favorite half-elven Shadouhart. Although most of the game companions are quite popular, to understand why Shadouhart is so desirable, you can, having looked into social networks, which from the moment Baldur’s Gate 3 exit reports on the passion for Shadouhart.

Of course, the most popular option of romantic relations is not the only interesting statistics given in this funny message from Larian. It also turned out that the paladin is the most popular class, and Semielph is the most popular race among those who created their own characters.

Yes, because she looks alone there, the rest of the horns and hooves

Or you just are xenophobe.

And unshaven male faces.

This is so fun, call any things that are unpleasant for people another phobia?)

And what’s wrong with typhoids? Typekl representatives of the DND. Karllae looks for his race. Misor Besta, she cannot bend differently. The drow from the camp of goblins also looks quite tolerant. The halsin did not come out well for male characters, Gale and Will also ok well. Astarion Typekle Elf from DND, while also a vampire. You say as if the first time DND saw, there since the time of the first Baldur and your nvn is a very motley.

You conquered my heart

ahahahahaa yes, asked "a couple of times"

blah, I play for Shadouhart, how to reject myself? They have not finalized the game, you can’t masturbate, 8/10

Priests ball and do not know how! )))

Yes, she only does what she enjoys her goddess, on her sect, on herself)

Who prevents the balloon of hunger? :)))

So I don’t go into most, I like the novel more with Karllah

You love when you are hard.

It looks like you haven’t been a novel with her once that you say that.She is in terms of romance a rather shy character

that is not Karllah just so much mimic, but who is hard "Laesel" All so dominant, like if you want that, then stir up with her she will command you.

you can follow it and it will be an obedient dog

So you love strong and shy. Yes, I had everything. I talked with both.

Pffff, Karllae van Cryu Waifa- went with her to rest on the hot resorts of Averno, drink beer, fuck. Moreover, she was not opposed to the whole game that I still demolished someone. Dream woman.

Yes, he still runs, yells constantly and piles with a two -handed frying pan (ax). Ideal woman.

Yes. The hem of the oil in the fire is different- all the felt-tip pens are different, but the Karl has the most tragic story- all, who was thrown, in slavery, on the verge of death, is still ready to love and reconcile with inevitability. Yes, and she is sympathetic, this is not an Abby of the Last of OP 2. Therefore, for me, the choice is obvious, from a fanatic of Shadouhart (and in any case, that the silhoune, that the ball, as it goes into a new faith, immediately runs to dye her hair and notify everyone, the girls are not enough, the psychological complex of absent parents). And the same Karllah, calmly on the grave of the parents, says thanks to them, although also, in fact, orphaned at an early age, then trusted, fell into slavery and hell. And does not show off, honest, straightforward, trusting.and ready to support any of your solutions, even if you don’t like it (of course, you call it, if you slept with the improvised devil), but retreating. Ready for you to become an Ilitid, t.To. He understands that there is little left with such and in hell can be carried out by eternity, which was implemented by me, the only scene in the end that takes the soul when it can be said, not Gori, drove into Averno)