Paying With Your iPhone – Swipe Payment System Technology Close?

Reports are emerging that future Apple iPhones (and perhaps the iPad) could have capabilities to spend electronically by a swipe system within the iPhone.

It’s rumored that the fifth-generation white iPhone 5 will have these capabilities. The launch date just for this innovation is anticipated around June 2011. Many technology experts suggest that the iPhones will include Near Field Communications (NFC) to make this capability possible.

This new technology could mark the start of the finish using plastic charge cards via a payment system integrated into your iPhone. It will be interesting to find out how credit card companies react and their impact on their own business.

Although it’s not yet sure Apple has formed any handles NFC, typical sense says that Near Field Communications would like to hook up with Apple and spend money on this advancement.

Recently there have been several statements released through high technology sites, including Tech Radar (in the last few days) and Crone Consulting suggesting this rumor will end up a reality.

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