PC Gamer interviewed developers about their impressions about Baldur’s Gate 3

PC Gamer interviewed developers about their impressions about Baldur’s Gate 3

His opinion, including Josh Soyer, – author of Fallout: New Vegas and many others expressed. Most liked RPG Larian Studios.

Brief opinions of developers:

  • Brian Fargo, founder of InterPlay and Inxile (where he revived Wasteland and Bard’s Tale), has not yet managed to play Baldur’s Gate 3, but envies the Larian Studios license for it and “did it even more successful than it was possible to imagine “.
  • The former creative director of Dragon Age Mike Laidlow is actively using homemade weapons and talking with all animals.
  • Former Bethesda Producer Jeff Gardiner, said Baldur’s Gate 3 is a “masterpiece”, despite the fact that his character was humiliated by goblins.
  • Obsidian Director Josh Soyer said that he was having fun, getting into trouble and getting out of them, and also applies his critical view of the interface.
  • Former narrative designer Obsidian Fox Moberly, reflects on the meaning and power of the narrative Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • The founder of Spiderweb Software Jeff Fogel perceives Baldur’s Gate 3 as good news for all RPG developers, since “successful RPG contributes to the growth of fans of this genre”.

The full opinions of the creators of the cult RPG with their quotes:

  • Brian Fargo (currently develops Clockwork Revolution, which was presented at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 and so far does not have an exact release date):

When the game came out, my mind was first of all envy, because I (along with Fergus Ukrhart) chased a license for this franchise for more than a dozen years. And so, it was received by Larian Studios, making the game even more success than could be waiting. Judging by their approach to the work and success of Divinity: Original Sin 2, choosing Larian Studios was a very smart solution.

I admit that it is scary to start passing after I heard stories about how people roam the mountains for 60 hours in a row, barely moving around the main plot. It reminds me of how Red Dead 2 stole several weeks of my life, even if I spent the time in damn well.

  • Michael Laidlow (is now working on an unknown fantasy RPG):

In my understanding, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a triumph. It is immediately evident that meaningful interaction with the outside world and funny step -by -step battles migrated here from Divinity: Original Sin, and how the team managed to weave them into a new history of the topic – and even some characters – from the original games, I was very impressed.

I do not actively play Dungeons & Fifth edition Dragons, but this interpretation of the rules seems very thoughtful to me. In addition, it allows me to do very cool jokes, diluting battles with jumps and others with similar actions – all this makes the environment very alive. In addition, I still do not bother to watch how Karlus throws half the furniture in the room right in the face of the boss.

  • Jeff Gardiner (will introduce WYRDSONG – RPG inspired by Gothic and Shakespeare):

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a masterpiece. I am constantly stunned by the level of detail, forklings, tactical solutions in battle, attention to details on characters models, visual effects, and indeed how all all the elements work together well. This is a wonderful, magical masterpiece in which the world does not seem unconvincing to me for a second. I am obsessed with this game-just as Baldur’s Gate 2 was once obsessed with.

Now I am a passage of a single campaign in parallel with the cooperative, in which we are games with my wife. In both campaigns, we play mostly good characters, but both are different from each other – due to how the convictions system works, and how subtly worked out decisions options, what we have to make along the way. And we are not talking about simple “forks”, ordinary for most RPG, but about the differences, the effect of which accumulates over time. This is a real miracle and master class on RPG design.

  • Josh Soyer (currently works at Obsidian Entertainment):

I still make my way through the first act of history, but it seems that I saw enough to make some opinion. Everything looks very expensive and with great attention to details, especially for such a large -scale party CRPG based on D&D. I imagine their dialogue “trees”, and even if the cinematic production of conversations is partially automated, they clearly had to work very, very much on them.

In fact, this game is very reminiscent of the evolution of Divinity: Original Sin 2 with the rules of the editorial office 5e. The tone of history and conversations with satellites seems very true for Baldur’s Gate: for the most part, funny, with gloomy elements scattered here and there and there. As in D: OS2, the level of interactivity of the world is incredibly high, so getting out of difficult situations (or drive yourself in them), experimenting with the rules, is very fun.

There seems to be only two areas that I would really criticize. Firstly, the interface seems awkward and inconvenient for many actions. Due to the number of contextual actions, the menu are overloaded, and many of these actions are not taught in any way. The camera is also a weak place. I admit that this is my personal and professional nit -picking, but when I have to fight the camera to inspect the area or accidentally click on a long location, it does not become too fun to play.

What interferes much more is how dialogs and other interactions seem worse in a single game because they are made to a specific type of multiplayer. For example, the lack of an easily accessible pause button in solitary mode seems strange: especially in view of how simply by chance sending characters to a long -term location in a dangerous way.

And something else: I really like the costs (like scrolls) and spells that affect the dialogs “built” in verification in conversations. I always wanted to do something similar, and in BG3 it works fine.

Earlier, Baldur’s Gate 3 received 97 points from the author of PC Gamer – the magazine raised such an assessment for the first time in 16 years. He stated that he really liked the game, and he wanted to see a lot of content at once in one passage. The journalist was upset when he reached the final.

On August 16, Larian Studios shared information about Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5. Preliminary download for users Deluxe publications will begin on August 31 at 19:00 Moscow time, and for those who purchased the standard-September 4 at 19:00 Moscow time.

Early access for users of the Digital Deluxe Edition publication will open on September 2, and all other users, only four days later – September 6.