Players diverged in the evaluations of the Jagged Alliance 3 strategy

Players diverged in the evaluations of the Jagged Alliance 3 strategy

ThQ Nordic has released Jagged Alliance 3 On PC. Steam has 60% of positive reviews based on 70 reviews. Most players criticized the strategy for bad optimization.

“Downloaded, played an hour, requested a refund. Not a jag. And the technical part is bad, several sorties on the desktop and a couple of times hung on the loading screen. Fashion immediately appeared, maybe later the game will be pulled up to the desired level, but now it’s just simple tactics on small cards with a bad technical start ”

“And the journalists all unanimously shouted that there were no bugs, the optimization is excellent and finally 12 out of 10 at the fingertips. as usual . ate. Technically raw game, in the Vidyakha menu it hollows at 100ka, the Federal Penitentiary Service regularly discourages in any settings, the game can fly out and hang at the very beginning, the reflections are flickered in places, and people like me are not enough in the reviews, which in the discussions, apparently we will wait for patches or to wait for patches or play somehow high. Of the pluses: a very decent picture for the genre, Oldskuly reduces from the fan service, the fighting is very adequate, there is a certain non -linearity in the dialogs, but the mercenaries wedged into them are a cring, which the rest of the conversation does not react to any way. “

“A character imprisoned under secretive attacks and stealth is missed twice with a knife. I’d better play the commandos who went out 25 years ago, then at least they knew how to make games ”

“It can be seen and felt that the game is made very carefully, in detail, with love. There are no questions at all. And this is only a release. Workshop and fashion are already available and work. The modding potential, which JA2 and similar games are famous for is huge from the start. According to the gameplay of numerous streams, I like the game. There are problems in the little things. Many reviews write correct claims. However, I believe that these are all particular cases that are fixable. Globally the game turned out to be very strong and pleasant. We must not forget that such a genre lives primarily with modes and future corrections. The graphics are pleasant, detailed. But there is no optimization, lighting and shadow on the performance are very bad. I am sure that they will correct “

“I can’t play the game because the user interface has a fixed size and is too small for reading. I cannot believe that they made a game with heavy text elements without a scalable user interface in 2023. As a person who spent hundreds of hours in Ja1 and Ja2, I am very disappointed that I can’t play it “

The Jagged Alliance 3 players will find a plot campaign in which a team from unique mercenaries, including those who are already familiar to fans of the franchise. The game also has access to a cooperative.