Released beta-renewal Starfield 1.8.87

Released beta-renewal Starfield 1.8.87

Bethesda has released a new beta revolution for Starfield. According to full notes to the patch, beta-renewal 1.8.87 eliminates two problems that pursued the game.

Beta-update Starfield 1.8.87 eliminates the problem due to which cosmic matter sticks to the player’s ship during a space journey. Conservation loading now removes cosmic matter. In addition, this beta patch corrects the problem due to which random weapons did not appear in a new box with weapons after loading the conservation.

As always, Steam will load this beta-renewal at the next customer launch. This, of course, if you have chosen a beta version. Below you can also find full notes to the patch.

Notes for the release of beta-renewal Starfield 1.8.87

  • The problem was eliminated, due to which space matter stuck to the player’s ship during a space trip. Conservation loading now removes cosmic matter. Please note: this correction should eliminate any cosmic problems stuck in your travels, but not in cases where a new Atlantis is attached to the ships of the players. Correction for this will be issued in a later update.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which random weapons did not appear in a new box with weapons after loading the conservation.

With such patches, it is really 10 years to finish the game again. Road of 10 years.

2 cripples and a half apparently working on patches. The speed is clearly not cosmic.
In any case, everyone is waiting for a mod that will remove a significant number of downloads. Where animations are not needed, at least related to the doors.

Well, yes, those two that criticized in Steam answered

That’s what the idea is to see! Well, Todd predicted a long future to her))))))))))

This is in order to really not be in a hurry to play, I have completed only two plot quests and several tasks in three months)))

No, I liked the patch on the bald more

This is where the game is finished?

This is where the Starfield is pointed, as usual in general

Vinka lay in your ears, and you defuse it. He is not even afraid to do it, because the audience is deaf and blind.

Haha, how predictably and childish you torn,

Excellent argumentation of an adult and mature person, and not a shkolotron, the value of your comments after that is washed off in the toilet. Apply ice, feel better.

By the way, commenting on the game from Todd Howard and Filics would be awake in your place to say something in your ears, otherwise you will have to remove the dirty pants yourself.

pleasant eruption, probably Starfield 34 times, maybe let.

Of course you have nothing to say, because I told the truth. But you need to get it somehow, but it turns out badly. Apparently just so, Cheliki about De Edition, they say here. But you are no longer up to de, the main thing is right now to say.

And when they already care about the bug with the stingy of the game, and eliminate the taste of disappointment?

When you start playing the game, and not pretend that it is boring, just because.

Disappointment is due to overstated expectations. No one is to blame for this.

Maybe after a couple of Troika DLS, but of course it is difficult, there is no interesting universe as in scrolls or follycs and how they will be pulled out incomprehensible.

I passed twice, my beloved passed once. We consider this not a game, but a demo. And there is nothing to pray for the modders, they will not make plot mods for demos. To undress the heroine, to give weapons from the sifai of series and films, make four million hairstyles and two million partners on the priest, a helmet with horns, a proud of a one -seating mammal – yes, they can. But finish the plot for developers for free – fire. And the gazebo after these mods will release for money "Aniversal Edishn", Buy citizens that we have stole from the modders. This will never happen.

Modders will not, but for modmeckers and creators of assemblies this is paradise. Now so far everyone has been frozen in anticipation of tools. But when they appear, scripts will be changed first and random randomization will be added.

The game became smooth, stable 144 FPS, in places 160+, 1440P HDR 21: 9 (ultra, DLLS quality, FG, Reflex+Boost)

The game was stopped twitching when changing weapons, quickly preserving.

Here, at least such a game was supposed to be on the release.

For me personally, now you can play calmly, without nerves.

This is some kind of joke with the name "Beta-patch", or the unique seriously positions its patches so? It seems to me, they themselves do not know that they have a wrong game with the game (everything!) and at random they release patches, trying to feel the situation. Beta-patch, survived to go out of.

I play myself calmly, bastard and laugh from all of you))) Why did you come here at all? No one is interested in your opinion, adequate people play that they like and do not want to do not care what they say. What can there be claims to people who do something? You would not even make the 1st quest from Starfield yourself, and if you don’t like the game, no one forces you to play. I didn’t play in the scrolls and I wanted to shit what was there and on which engine.

Today’s community of the gazebo and many other games will criticize anything and I have no doubt that they will object to me now. And my advice is next: do not listen to people from the Internet, and be adults.

Yes, this game will save only a large -scale alteration of everything.

Here you need to emphasize the optimization and not on all kinds of crap

They made in the past patch.

And they did so well that the nifig did not change, as the game at nowhere was eaten under a hundred, as there were problems with the micamping, so they didn’t get anywhere, but they added DLSS and this was all that they did, they didn’t correct the tracer of the Nifig path.

Betezda was guessed with Falefol just like a biovar with Andromede – the ranges wanted to take a ready -made engine, to cram cheap graphic whistles, without making efforts to write the script and study the world, and go out for free from fans. But it did not skate.

Even a set of jambs is the same – bastard animations on distorted plastic faces, mowed textures and failures for them a player while moving, crooked transport and in general – elaboration of the world at the level of scam -games collected from sets of shops of Harvest or Unity stores.

I did not play scrolls online, but on the sluggish "Jubilee publication" Skurima and the murdered series of folaut, I can definitely say for sure that Betzda meek and finally degraded. So from Falefield no one will scream candy.

Well, wait. We do not consider online, this is a separate path and another type of game. Fallout 4 is a great game and guaranteed correct successor to the Fallout 3 and Fallout NV traditions. There are simply no other Fallouts, because the original authentic Fallout died with Black Isle Studios.
TES IV "Oblivion" and tes v "Skyrim" These are already games that have received a cult status.

Total: Bethesda came out an outreach with Starfield due to pompous advertising and, accordingly, high expectations. At the same time, in fact, Starfield is not a catastrophe at all, as evil tongues draw on the Internet.
Starfield simply failed, and could not be an excellent plot role -player Fallout, an excellent open world No Man’s Sky and excellent cosmosym Elite Dangerous in one bottle "3 in 1".
This is too cool for one studio even such as a gazebo, and probably requires a conditional that Bethesda closes in the office for five years with Braben and guys from Hello Games, plus they call to support Rockstar and then I think the epic revolutionary project will come out. Which will answer almost all expectations 🙂

Fans of the Follych universe for such statements are deducted) Fallut 4 – a good (in its own way) game, but about traditions – IMHO this is too much. Fallut 4 is a followed by the Follout world, and in some things – not very successful.

Total: Bethesda came out an outreach with Starfield due to pompous advertising and, accordingly, high expectations

Let’s say directly. After Skyrim, the gazebo, of all, stopped in the development. Follaut 4 – Tested on the engine and many mechanics of Skyrim the world of Follout, and not the fact of the game pulled out the game "pulling", And the universe of Follaut.

Fallut 76 – "Network mod" on Fallut 4, despite the seemingly almost complete borrowing, the mechanic from the previous one, the game in the way came out unsuccessful. Partly also an attempt to make a donate MMO out of it.

Starfield is another stretching of Skyrim’s ideas, now on space setting. But it did not work out to repeat the success of Follout 4 – which, in principle, is predictable. Here is the lack of fanbase of the universe, plus not a very successful implementation mechanic Skyrim for space setting, plus procedural generation of large but empty spaces instead of manually worked out locations. And the main disadvantage is that if Fallut 4, okly, repeated the idea of ​​Skyrim in another wrapper – t.e. The study of the GG Open World on foot (or on the legendary Skyrim Horse 4×4 All-Terrain Edition), so that the engine did not require almost anything radically different from the early tasks (even flights on the rotorcels in Skyrim were realized in the form of flights on the dragon with DLC Dragonborn), Starfield swung to a lot of locations and space flights, as a result, the first and second came out mediocre – probably because in essence the same flights were realized through the crutches. And/or as one of the designers stated, because one things were given more attention than the other, as in the case of the designer of ships, which was allocated a lot of resources and he turned out to be good – but if a game about space -growing or a cosmoboye simulator, this gave much greater effect. Just as in pursuit of loud ads about thousands of planets, a sound offer was drowned a little – but I would prefer one solar system, but worked out than 1000 dummy)

On the one hand – yes, for a studio that has not been involved in anything except the next versions of Skyrim and pulling Skyrim on the setting of Follaut for a long time, and even then in the first case, the introduction of mods on Skyrim is more likely to be introduced in the basic.

On the other hand, the studio had huge resources. NMS, after a failure, was finalized on its own resources, with difficulty, but was brought to a good state of the studio, at times less than the gazebo. What the gazebo was doing all this time for 200+ million, except for screwing on the old engine of new tasks with blue isolation – it is incomprehensible.

Here is fundamentally the wrong approach. Excessed expectations are when players expect that no one has ever declared them. Advertising of what was not able to realize – these are not high expectations, it is a mismatch of advertising to the final product. As if instead of you, instead of the classic Porsche 911, the Zaporozhets ZAZ-968 with words with the words ordered and paid at the full cost of the full cost "The headlights are round? – Round. Wheels 4? – 4. The engine behind? – behind. A model with a three -digit number, begins at 9? – Yes. The rest is your high expectations". Only these are not high expectations, this is a lie in the description of the product.