Role -free ENSHROUDED survival starts on January 24, 2024 through early access Steam

Role -free ENSHROUDED survival starts on January 24, 2024 through early access Steam

Today, the Frankfurt company Keen Games (known mainly from the Portal Knights game) announced the release date of its next game – Enshrouded. Originally presented about six months ago, the game will be available through early Steam access from January 24, 2024.

Keen Games noted that this was somewhat later than they planned originally. However, after the great success of the demo version at the Steam festival "Games to be" (Enshrouded became the most played and most desired game in this group) Developers wanted to get more time for high -quality launch in early access.

The team reports this with great excitement and gratitude to the community for support. Using Portal Knights as the spiritual basis of Enshrouded, the developers drew inspiration in such games of the genre "survival", like valheim, but with a milder approach to survival itself. Throwing the elements inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Minecraft (in terms of openness and many options for creating and building), the developers sought to create a more hospitable onset in the survival genre and non -hungry space to leave more space for fun.

Keen Games was pleased to watch how players participate in adventures for hours, build, make, die, play role -playing games and generally have fun spending time alone or with friends. Each of the main components of Enshrouded is based on freedom and flexibility, which are provided by a special station engine guaranteeing a consistent visual design that is felt in a single universe, regardless of what is created.

Keen Games plans to leave Enshrouded in early access for about a year until a full launch. Combus ports will also be released around this time. As in the case of most games of early access, the price will be increased after the release of version 1.0.