Sega believes that Persona 6 will be able to disperse 5 million copies per year thanks to multi -platform release

Sega believes that Persona 6 will be able to disperse 5 million copies per year thanks to multi -platform release

SEGA has published a decoding of questions and answers that were asked during the last financial conference for investors and analysts. General Director Haruki Satomi and financial director Koiti Fukazawa discussed the company’s activities, a Persona series and Sonic Superstars sales.

The document, widespread by the company in Japanese, is reported that sales Superstars are more slowly than expected.

According to SEGA leaders, competition from the games of other companies had a significant impact, however, it is planned to strengthen the promotion of the game for the festive season with an emphasis on foreign markets.

Since the assessment on Metacritic both from critics and users are higher than that of Sonic FronTiers, there is a hope that the game will continue to sell stably.

Turning to mobile games, in connection with the upcoming closure of 404 Game Re: SET, the company’s leaders admitted that the Japanese market of mobile devices has become more mature, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to create cunning games.

On the other hand, games such as Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! and One Piece Bounty Rush (published by Bandai Namco, but developed Sega) show good results.

In the future, SEGA intends to strengthen the global development of existing popular games and focus on global expansion of Free-to-Play Games, such as Persona 5: The Phantom X and Rovio Games.

This is interesting, because perhaps it hints at the global release of Persona’s mobile game, which can appear not only in China and Japan.

Speaking of the Japanese SEGA studios, it should be noted that in the past few years, Sega has successfully expanding its sales, releasing games on several platforms and at the same time around the world.

In addition, the company united the teams of developers who previously worked on individual devices (consoles, arcades and smartphones), flexibly distributing development resources and using the strengths of each of them. These efforts led to positive results.

If we talk about multi -platformity, then SEGA increased the number of platforms for Persona 5 and regions in which it is available, which led to an increase in sales.

Answering a direct question about whether it is possible for Persona to be sold 5 million. copies in the first year, the company’s leaders noted that they consider this goal achievable for Persona mainstream games, such as the next license plate, due to the availability of several platforms and support for new regions. Apparently under "regions" This refers to the support of new languages, including English.

They also added that they have high hopes for the new Metaphor Refantazio IP.

Finally, answering the question of the growing costs of development, we heard that SEGA is studying automation technologies to increase the business efficiency. ChatGPT-4 has been introduced in a closed environment, and all employees in Japan can use it to solve various problems.

SEGA also hopes to effectively use generative AI, taking into account the development of relevant legislation and customer needs.

From other news of Sega, it should be noted that the main operating director of the company recently rejected the possibility of acquiring Microsoft.