The authors of Alaskan Road Truckers talked about plans for future updates

The authors of Alaskan Road Truckers talked about plans for future updates

The Polish studio Road Studio is not going to refuse Alaskan Road Truckers. A trucker simulator, who debuted last month, despite an ambiguous assessment, can count on the development. Fans can expect new content, including free and paid additions.

The developers of Alaskan Road Truckers confirmed in the press release their plans for the development of the game, which they vaguely stated even before the simulator release.

  • Later, in November, new modes of the game will be added to the game: light and hardcore.
  • In December, ICE Roads will debut a large free extension. It will appear new missions, maps of the map, types of cargo and another type of test. In addition, during this period, paid cosmetic expansion with "Special theme/style" and a Christmas event in which it will be possible to win various free items.
  • In the future, you can expect the appearance of a new truck, mission or additions, introducing mechanics associated with "study of the game world outside the truck".
  • The console version of the Alaskan Road Truckers is still in development. The game will be released on PS5 and XSX/S on the eve of Christmas.

We also knew that the correction of errors and corrections related to the performance of the game will continue until the end of November. Recently, the developers have announced that they are working on improving artificial intelligence, managing the steering wheel and controllers, as well as the overall optimization. It is expected that subsequent updates that solve the maximum number of problems will be large, but, accordingly, will be released less often.

It is the poor technical condition of Alaskan Road Truckers that is the main reason for players’ complaints and ambiguous reviews. It is known that over the first week after the release, the game diverged 33,000 copies.

Count is just a squalor for 2023

Yes normal graphics there. ETS2 and ATS in terms of graphone look much worse. According to the schedule of Alaskan Road Truckers, much more beautiful than their competitors, if we compare. ALASKAN ROAD Truckkers just better in everything.

😆 I am for Alaska, but you are a brotherly crazy. Perhaps in the future it will become in terms of graphics, high, because the ATS and the ETS, too, when they started to be clumsy.

Alas, but if you compare it with the ancient ETS 2, then this game, even against its background, looks very cheap and it is impossible to play this impossible

As for me, these two games are now about the same level. There is nothing in ETS than driving through empty streets from Lego, and ART has at least some activity, but not brought to mind.

"ART has at least some activity, but not brought to mind."

In it, nothing is brought to mind at all, while so much that even no mods will help

It is necessary to compare with Snowranner

And what is in ETS2? For 10 years, nothing worth it was brought

Alas, I categorically can’t agree with you. Alaskan Road Truckers on all points without exception is much better than you called games. ALASKAN ROAD Truckkers just better in everything. Graphics are better, game mechanics are better, physics is better, a system of breakdowns and repairs is better, a variety of roads is better. The card is only smaller. Otherwise, more and better.

What is in ETS2? The opportunity to dull to go their point "A" to the point "B"? And this is all that developers could do in 10 years? Well, this is a shame. ETS2 does not work elementarily by the economy. Elementary not thought out from the word completely progress of the player. The inconspes only do that the new DLC skins and cards are rivet. I already surprise me where ETS2 has a ton of positive reviews for new skins of trailers each time? It’s funny. ETS2 and ATS never even started to bring to mind. They just glued a bunch of DLC cards with skins and scored a bolt for everything else.

Another thing is beautiful Alaskan Road Truckers. Despite the bugs, it is nevertheless shows that the developers were attached to think through every game mechanics in the details. You are not just dullly riding from point to item. You come across your way with exactly the same obstacles that real truckers face in real life from time to time. Alaskan Road Truckers is a real full -fledged romance of long roads. A wonderful unique game that has serious every chance of becoming much more popular than competitors in the long run. Alaskan Road Truckers has huge potential.

But ATS and ETS2, unfortunately, have no potential with developers like now. For 10 years, nothing has been done to improve game mechanics. They do nothing except the new DLC skins and cards with trailers. Well, nothing at all. Year 2023 is in the yard, but the outfits from SCS Software are still somewhere in the early 2000s. Since then, in their games, nothing in terms of the mechanic was done for the better. Nothing! It is sad.

In terms of emotions from gameplay, among other things, Alaskan Road Truckers is very reminiscent "Truckers 2" – The legendary English game. I dreamed about such a game as Alaskan Road Truckers for 20 years. And finally he waited.

Unfortunately in ATS and ETS2, everything is much worse – they have never even tried to bring anything to mind. However, in Alaskan Road Truckers, they are very seriously trying to do everything cool. The breaks of Alaskan Road Truckers really work on the game, unlike competitors who can only rivet new DLC skins and maps.