The Last Train Home strategy was warmly met by both critics and gamers

The Last Train Home strategy was warmly met by both critics and gamers

On November 28, the release of Last Train Home, a strategic game, was based on the real historical events of the beginning of the 20th century. The story of the difficult life path of soldiers from Czechoslovakia, shortly after the end of the First World War in Siberia, is already available on Steam and Gog.

Last Train Home received positive reviews of both critics and gamers. In particular, the ThQ Nordic project received 82 points for Metacritic with 92 % of the recommendations for Opencritic.

As the reviewers note, developers from the Ashborne Games Czech studio were generally able to find an integrated approach to gameplay, as well as interesting gaming mechanics, high levels of complexity, lack of any technical problems and, in general, high-quality work of gamemeraduers.

However, simple gamers also share the opinion of reviewers – in Steam the game has 86% positive reviews. Last Train Home, as expected, turned out to be a rather niche game, which, nevertheless, will definitely appeal to real -time fans in real time.

Czechoslovak robbers, killers and looters:

– This is our duty to help unfortunate civilians. What a pity, it is true that they are already dead, well, what, you have to take their stocks of fabric, cereals and wood.

I can imagine how the game on the civil war will make you roof. Red prayers of peasants and robbing? Fuuuu, herds will write angry comments

Neither red, nor white, nor pink, nor Soviet Union, nor even the empire has long been. It makes no sense to fight with the past, it cannot give back. So who is fighting then? And for the sake of achieving what goals?

If the game on the Civil War from English developers will be directed against the English people, then there will be only one question: who pays for the work of this fifth column, the American Fund for Support for Democracy or the British Branch to Combat Disinformation?

Botryar pro -Kremlinsky broke from history.

Well, how can these cattle really accept poorly, because there are bad Englishs, all the more it is possible to transfer everything to modern realities. Of course the red are bad, and the fact that it was the Red Army at the cost of huge lives that their European pedoseds from fascism saved this so little things.

Yes, yes, the USSR, no, not even like that, the English Federal Property Management Agency itself fought, and all European countries either gave up or did nothing 🙂

In the Second World War, it was.. surrendered and did nothing.

I will say more than many even harmed. At one time at the university, he wrote an abstract for the week of history at the university, there was a book in the archive "Criminal number 1" About Hitler, how he wanted to defend the purity of the Aryan blood of the rest or cut (Jews and gypsies) to turn the rest into slaves. How the United States helped them. At the famous Nyurberg process, the fascist said “if you want to judge German industrialists, then plant the US businessmen next to them, because the same Opel plant, which produced military equipment, belonged and financed by General Motors, gasoline, well, everything is as usual, where does it come from. Such an economic miracle in the United States after the war. And when the outcome of the war was already a foregone conclusion of the so -called allies intervened, where were they when Hitler was seizing the country behind the country? They appeared on the prepared. "Quickly surrendered" You’re absolutely right. European countries “courageously” fought with the Nazis that they surrendered in record time: Denmark – 6 hours, Holland – 5 days, Yugoslavia – 12 days, Belgium – 18 days, Greece – 24 days, Poland – 36 days, France – 43 days , Norway – 61 days. These “winners” should recall that Pavlov’s house in Stalingrad lasted 58 days, and the Soviet Union fought with Hitler for 1418 days and ended the war with a breakdown of the Banner of Victory over the Reichstag. And if it were not for the Red Army that they so denigrate, not with rainbow flags, but Kirki in the mines would be waved now.

Wasn’t it?

And what was so a comrade bombed? Because the Americans were not mentioned or because they wrote something good about the USSR?

And with Japan and Finland and in the First World War became very encouraged

It’s a pity that you can’t cut the train crew. They have no place there.

Apparently the next "Heroes" which "heroically" Watering a brown substance whose country has been gone for 30 years. But their bandits are exposed by heroes.

At the same time, people show heroes who were firstly stolen that it was not nailed, that it was written in the white memoirs, fled from the Reds, and threw the whites after the fried smell.

For the Czechs, most likely heroes, more and do not need. Everyone has their own heroes.

They did not just throw them, but Kolchak handed over to the Bolsheviks.

If anyone wants to shift to the poor Czechs of those suffering from Siberia – read about the whites of the Civil War in UK – there are a lot of good things about these, their mother, Kheroev will learn.

I wish you all "Good" the current Czech Republic with its desire to get out of the scoop (1968 Operation “Danube”) and sell its anal to the West today.. And okay, they would have promised a lot, so the stsuks were sold for pennies – they are sitting now and rejoice in the type of joy of the fanatic scrap, who drove some kind of game into his head, when the implementation of which he will be in the 7th sky from happiness, and it does not matter what for this will have to swim in gov not.

Whether the former scoop is the current CIS, completely developed and rich countries.

And I, a cheto about the ledwater CIS Cheto wrote a good? )
You follow politics? It is obvious that no, since you are starting a liberal cap that the scoop+CIS is cool, and the West is rotting everything. ))

There was no word in that spirit, but only a statement "nonsense" And on "Nesang"

Mudil who believed in good white are full. and the fact that this abomination of Belochesh unleashed the civil war under the Anglo -Sourds of the Surdinka fact. you can scream to bloody snot "Vata", "scoop" and other insults (in your ancestors, although who are you dogs without a tribe), the Reds defeated and created the USSR. Turn further to the crystoors.

I really look forward to a big game with the open world as in the Radity of the Civil War. There can be so many. I’m afraid you will not like it

go do lessons, clown Kremlin

To real historical events – this game has nothing to do with.

It’s a pity the train cannot be turned, a raikh -bait – by type.

And what about gameplay? Norm?

Last Train Home do not work as saving what to do?

I drove to Penza and decided to survive went out and went back and all there are no them?

The game like Company of Heroes.

Nuka apologized to Koch

I just asked you Chu😳

Narify bullshit with masterpieces compare XD

And in fact, look at the vidos on YouTube by the game, where the person lays everything in the shelves. Called: "Last Train Home review. Cranberry car"

The very game of the enemy’s rear is play -mechanically similar + the train as headquarters is available.

Judging by the comments of Yandex, it is worth placing additional servaki so that the search engine digested a bunch of “Czechs cuts Englishs”, “Why is Czechoslovakia Bad requests to reliable sources based on secret documents.

Any artistic work, and this is it, does not claim to be reliable. If you want to deceive yourself with “reliability” – climb into sources, read the documents of that time and draw conclusions yourself. Today, you do not need to be a historian for this. The gaping emptiness of tight minds can fill in the game, but the value of the presence of information in the stupid in my head is zero. So quit to carry nonsense.

The game is good, in a binge for 4 hours I played yesterday. Mechanics are interesting, stylistics – the level of Frostpan with Anno 1800. Grafonchika was also a good thing in the furnace, especially for the genre. + Katsen. It’s a pity that they did not give up direct control, after Manovar, Call to Arms and other Asalt of the squads are sad without it.

That’s how good propaganda works. After all, the layman will not climb into the archives, will not climb to read historical books, will not understand who is bad there and who is good. American uncle with a smart look will say "Romunitions are villains". Your brainless Western family, a vulgarity of fairy tales from the times of macartism and cheerful Reagan adventures will say "Romunitions are villains". Your neighbors will say "Romunitions are villains" Because they heard it somewhere.

And then you will go to play the game and she is like "Romunitions are villains". And nothing contradicts anything, because your relatives and friends cannot, out of ignorance, can lie? And these good Czech guys, whose ancestors 100% suffered from this very communism, they also cannot lie, though? And their own plague cannot lie about the present and the past, though?

The propaganda self -reproduction cycle has ended. Firewood into the fire is thrown. Everyone does not care that who is lying there – the game is good. Therefore, any slopes will take off their hands and will continue to go into people and spread the lie, which someone skillfully planted. And fools will eat it raking more with his hands more until the hary cracked. And pay off these slopes with money so that they are dumped more and more.

Therefore, suddenly, yes. You should speak out against this rubbish, and do it as loudly and angrily as possible. Otherwise, the flywheel cannot stop.

That – you yourself recognize the game product with the final chapter of madness, but you suggest fighting first of all with it?

I completely agree that the human “oh I heard somewhere”, growing roots from one outstanding person to another is a problem. But you know what solves it? Critical thinking. If a person once raised propaganda from a neighbor, he shows her from the same commentator. This is the same round of madness as the game. True – from above, it does not hack from current school “textbooks”, from the films of the Ministry of Culture, from American military fighters, images and songs. She is born in the brain of a thinking person. And trying to give birth to the masses, commenting on the news on the playground is not a struggle, but a miserable nagging of the offended, washed by one of the sides of the lender. Do not get fooled, rot your line. If the internal core of consciousness is capable of of course.

She is awesome))) pleasant management ! The pumping of the team and trains are impressive) play very interesting

The game is finally cool – I did not play the case!

And if only one thought of Gestia about the ideological background of the game itself would have appeared. No.
Now it is clear who such games are designed for – for liberal progressive shkolotron (or infantil -immobicils in the life of 18+), you and the game about Hitler were fucked up and feces in the wrapping from sweets, you will be a wake I was playing did not play enough And champing like a pig – tasty like! .

Why should a person not do not care about ideology and so on? Because you personally have a wild tobol or because they show it not as you want?

The same agenda, only in profile. That some everywhere see a message and ideas that others.

Oh broke, with modern textbooks you also fight? With the films of the Ministry of Culture? Either in your opinion or against you? Something tells me that no. Such as you accuse the “progressive” cornation, but yourself – surrender to a gift (spirituality). For a hound of crackers and a bun with a tram. The whole base that exists on the topics of the game freely contradicts. I, like all other people are reasonable, is enough to score a huge bolt on the historical subtext of events of 100+ years ago. Go on. Progress.

So it’s better to be progressive? Or backward?) Nothing, we will wave, it will not be sad.

Because there is such a thing – principle. Any normal person has a principle and the principle allows a person not to hide, but to retain himself and not degrade.

Those who have no principles – turn into unprincipled schmuck. Such and coprophils and degenerates and t.D. Thus, just on the ears, and Fuflo plunge and these are just and, they support the one in the person of publishers of the EA type, Escos and others like them, their ruble and this support the process of fearing the gaming industry.

Judging by your words, you are just one of the representatives I described above. Therefore, deliver me from my opinion for I am with representatives of such a life position (the principles are not fashionable, not pragris – Long live the ideological coprophilia!) I will not sit down on one field.

Nursery, I made a mistake on the expense of you then.

You also fight with forest fires – spitting on the flame?) And if the sewer broke out and a stream of shit poured into the street – you’re like your palm in the boat and let’s draw shit? ))
The reaction to any game should be proportional and adequate. And in order for the reaction to be such – you need to fumble for the essence and for the materiel differently like a sucker will be taken out and undressed.

And now the natural reaction of the offended progressiveode begins – whose concepts of life were offended by elementary truth from the series: "Yes, I am a progress, and you are oak spiritual with fortress!"
And after these words, I must be offended and hide in tears into the corner..)) Alas)

Now follow your fingers, now it will be Magic!
Progressive is an idea and principle. And what is an antonym of the words progressive? That’s right – conservatism. And since both of them have the concepts "Izm" T.e. ProgressiveIzm And conservatIzm, then these ending mean – the extreme.e. nichrome is not a normal movement.

The ideology and principles of normal people (to which I am belonging to myself) always adhere to the golden mean between conservatism and the progressive t.e. The best of the old norms and the best of all modern standards are taken, which is based on an adequate and healthy world.

Judging by your demarche about "You from the fortresses run on us progressive – fu is like that!", You are a typical progress, obsessed with the idea of ​​everything new for the sake of the whole new t.e. You don’t taste it yourself – why do you need progress – so that in the end? But you run to hang labels.
And as you know – with fanatics of something, constructive dialogue – is useless because they are not punched and any criticism of their movements are accepted at their own expense and perceived as a personal insult.

I, like all other people are reasonable, is enough to score a huge bolt on a historical connotation

For this, the progressives are removed by the Hollywood about how Kap America in the person of Chris Evans – he dragged Hydra, and Tom Henks and Ko from the ordinary Rain and Ko – dragged Hitler, and you did not suck and did not choke on it.
And then with the presentation of Medinsky, we take the game about the cosmodemyanka zoika, with the prices of Fritz who are led by her, and you are like it as spectacular, as – naturalistic!

And not a single thought that something is wrong. And – not a single thought that historical events should not be interpreted as it seems to be any waffle because history is an inviolable experience of time. In general – nothing holy, stupid progress.. Everything is calm on the spike.