The new video is dedicated to all the abolished Valve projects with new concept arts and information

The new video is dedicated to all the abolished Valve projects with new concept arts and information

New concept arts and details of the long-known canceled Games of Half-Life have appeared, since over the past two decades in the Half-Life series there have been a lot of spin-features that have not seen the proper release. These canceled games have not seen the light for completely different reasons, but to get at least a little new information about them is quite interesting.

Several important details about many canceled Half-Life games were disclosed in a completely new video DIDYUUKNOWWGAMING. The channel is shared by new information, interviews and concept arts of well-known canceled Half-Life games, and below we will talk about some of them.

One of the projects is the Half-Life 2 Episode 4 Ravenholm spin-life-life-life, along with the consolidation of what we knew about Episode 3, for example, a written presentation of a potential plot from the writer Valve Mark Laidloou.

It is also worth noting that in about the 12th minute of the video, completely new Half-Life 2 Episode 3 scans appear. The team says that next week she will send a link that will be available to everyone and on which all scans in high resolution will be.

In fact, ten years before Half-Life Alyx Valve worked on the VR-spin-off, which would be dedicated to Alix and its robotic company PSU. Dykg also managed to get several more new, never previously seen concept arts for this game, and the team talked with Valve collector David McGrivi, who has an original art, which will soon be posted into the network.

There was an independent VR version of Alyx and Dog. As far as I understand, it was a VR reserve with Alix and a dog that will go to the world and will explore it. Something like Half-Life Alyx, but less City 17, fewer urban conditions, and more access to [world].

According to McGrivi, this game Alyx and Dog would allow Valve and players to explore the wider world of Half-Life, but it never went out of the concept of the concept. Dykg donated McGrivi expenses for these high-quality scans of the concept art, he also has new scans of episode 3.

Dykg also has several new concept art for Stars of Blood, games in the Half-Life universe, which was supposed to include space pirates. There is very little known about Stars of Blood, except for concept arts ten years ago, so Dykg asks McGrivi that he heard.

It was assumed that the game would be devoted to space pirates, ”McGrivi explains. Exploring several worlds, potentially. As far as I understand, it was still a first -person shooter, but rather a research.

Like Half-Life, only in the sense that it is not just running and shooting, but research and search for things, and not just searching for a key or button. So more like Half-Life 2, but in a wider world. For a long time there was a strong moment: "How do we connect everything to create a common universe?. I know that Mark Laidlow and several other screenwriters said: "It is a bad idea".

McGrivi says that Stars of Blood did not even have a design document. It was only "Cool idea", which Valve examined before discarding her.

If you did not know what Half-Life 3 could almost become, Dykg quotes the previous interview with Jeff Kili with David Spayer from Valve, who in 2013 worked on a potential Half-Life 3, in which the main attention would be paid to the procedurally generated content. Spacer worked on Valve’s prototype, which was supposed to insert the procedurally generated areas between the plot segments created by hand. However, the new Valve, Source 2 engine at that time was unfinished, and this buried the idea.

DYKG video contains even more information and somewhat unprecedented concept arts.