The number of active Destiny 2 active players has sharply decreased

The number of active Destiny 2 active players has sharply decreased

The number of active Destiny 2 players in the Steam service has become the lowest over the entire existence of MMO from Bungie since the release of the PC version. And this is almost a paradox, given that the peak was reached precisely at the time when the expansion of Eclipse was released.

According to data provided by Steamdb, in recent months a significant part of the players has stopped playing Destiny 2. So, over the past 30 days, the average indicator has amounted to a little less than 35,000 people at the same time. These are the lowest results recorded from the moment the game is launched in Steam.

However, it is necessary to make some clarifications. On the one hand, November has historically been historically for Destiny 2 not too active, since it corresponds to the end of the mid -year season. In addition, we are talking about a game that has existed on the market for six years, so a physiological decline is quite possible. Moreover, in this case, we are only talking about Steam indicators, so we cannot know what is the tendency on Xbox and PlayStation, although it can be largely similar.

As noted by Paul Tassi from Forbes, well familiar with Bungie MMO, the numbers given are alarming. According to the journalist, although November is the least interesting period in Destiny 2, in any case, the number of players has never been so low in recent years.

Moreover, this negative peak occurred only eight months after the extension of Eclipse, which, paradoxically, registered a record number of simultaneous players in the first few days after the release. This means that Destiny 2 is still capable of attracting a large number of users, but DLC and subsequent content could not offer convincing reasons to stay on the servers of the game.

With such basics, Bungie is most likely not easy to create an atmosphere of great expectations around The Ultimate Forme, a new expansion, in which the grand final of the story, begun in 2014 in Destiny, is given, especially if rumors about the postponement of time for several months will be confirmed, and Their studio itself will deny.