Twik Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to use rays reconstruction (DLSS 3.5) with ordinary rays tracing

Twik Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to use rays reconstruction (DLSS 3.5) with ordinary rays tracing

In Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 and the extension of Phantom Liberty for the PC appeared NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology.5, which consists of Ray Reconstruction, a new function available to all owners of GEFORCE RTX graphic processors and intended to increase the accuracy of rays tracing when scaling with a lower rendering resolution.

However, by default, Cyberpunk 2077 allows users to include rays reconstruction only after turning on track trace. Although this, of course, is the best way to get acquainted with Knit City, it is also exorbitantly burdensome for almost all video cards that do not support personnel generation.

Fortunately, there is a setup that costs the default game restrictions, allowing the use of Ray Reconstruction with a “ordinary” ray trace. Twik was originally discovered by Twitter @raynyoruka user. Here’s how to apply it:

  • Launch Cyberpunk 2077 and turn on rays tracing (do not trace the track) and DLSS supercretion.
  • Exit from the game. Go to the folder Users/Appdata/Local/CD Projekt Red/Cyberpunk 2077 And open the file Usersettings.Json.
  • Find the line DLSS_D and set the value and value Default_value With “False” on “True“.
  • Save the configuration file and install it “only for reading”.
  • Launch the game and play with rays tracing and reconstruction of the rays of DLSS.

If the file is damaged in any way, turn on, and then turn off the trace of the track, as described here

While the Ray Reconstruction actually increases the productivity in the Cyberpunk 2077 when using track tracing, using this settings for launching with conventional ray tracing leads to a decrease in productivity, as shown in the video above. However, the quality has improved significantly.

Now Maddison says that Cyberpank is a boring 15 -hour film and regrets the money spent on "Ghostly freedom". Master of Twitter.

Well, legend can be, let it overhely overheat, thanks to him for his childhood)

He already knew it. Just heyed GOEV as usual.

Madison said that Cyberpank is boring and then launched a weekly stream to close all the icons of activity on the map)

Who is your Maddison? The once popular, among schoolchildren, a reviewer who is haunted by the glory of past times? I remember, even in the distant 2010s, he tried to survey something there by watering everything and everything, well, then, then, the style was like that with a dude and all these reviewers only gained popularity, but now? Now to whom he is interesting? The same individual as he?

in the case, some kind of grandfather is still something that he was so sad, as he was densely stayed and remained

And what I wrote from the 23rd, anyway?

And he himself came to this, trying!

"In general, to enable the reconstruction of rays without RT Overdrave in KP77

We go Appdata \ Local \ CD Projekt Red \ Cyberpunk 2077

Tear off the usersettings notebook and look for the DLSS_D parameter and put "Value": True,

It works, reflections are better and the light is softer."

Moreover, I threw the info at the DFF, PG, Rustorka, Overlock.

In the end!

I remember how 4 days ago, I saw a foreign YouTuber comment from one of the users and he just advised a similar method .

And please tell me how the impression is compared to the usual trace and trace of the path . Just words: reflections are better and light is softer, interest . And how can this be, because track tracing is visually much more spectacular than ordinary tracing . If there is an opportunity, you can explain to me please or maybe there is a similar comparison on a YouTube ?

P.S. I see here people love to give out the cons, it is interesting why and what is the joke of this)) " today made a nasty thing, my soul is right at once ?" 😁

Even I did not understand, through twig you can turn on RR+RT – performance will be higher than if RR+TP and then RT will turn on? Maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t understand? Why put the cons, you can’t answer or that?

DLSS 3.5 is more expensive in the hardware part of the feature, but giving a more elite picture compared to DLSS 2.5, by default 3.5 works only with track tracing, which works on 0.1% vidyuh. Here is the crutch, how is it a matter of launching with ordinary rays, not with Uber-uber-neecstgen-vashezhlezo-ray-rays.

Thank you kind person, but judging by my comments 2070 Super, in 2k will cry.

Apskail himself DLSS 3.5 works everywhere, only part of its reconstruction of rays does not work.

After the update, I turned on the DLSS FPS jumped up to 453, then it decreased and now stably 100-110 FPS

I apologize, but what kind of tweak is discussed here, what should turn on, here are my settings, one thing I can say that I have not updated the firewood for the version of September 21 "537.42-Desktop-Win10-Win1-64bit-international-dch-WHQL", Settings "Reconstruction of the rays of DLSS" was not active

These are all buns 40 series of video cards. There new rays added and this is. As I understand it, this is all improved smoothing in games, the generation of personnel, etc., improves the picture conditionally and increases performance. And all this is tied to the tensor nuclei.

In general, some kind of circus with these rays, well, I have 2070 Super, and the sense, with rays of 15-20 FPS, taking into account DLSS. Juang Mudil.

What are you waiting for from a card, which is almost 5 years old? Now I release them like potatoes, every year, and they do not want to optimize the game, they have to change cards every 2-3 years

What is the circus?at 2070 they just launched the technology still rolled up. After 5 years, you will even forget what permission is and soap you will press one button and the AI ​​will do everything as it should.Yes, by the way, everything is fine

So you have a card for rays weak. Buy a normal card and there will be rays.

For your time yes. But now it is already weak.

Well xs, lose 10 fps for the difference, which can be seen only if you stand still. Well

For some reason, I do not turn on the reconstruction of rays on 2080

Hat and stuffing, it does not work at 3070. How Twitter also did.

What would be activated. After changes in the file, entering the game, click the trace of the track tracer. Tracing tracks will not turn on, but the reconstruction parameter unlocks. And voila.

Yes, I already figured out that reconstruction does not work without tracing the path.

By the way, 2080 with the DLSS in ultra -performance in general pulls the trace of the track, but I turned off, because the strong fall of the FPS is not worth it, less than 4070 is not varik)

Minus 10FPS, I don’t know.

When the reconstruction is turned on, some textures become pixel

maybe only I have, but it does not go further than the opening video

You mean advertising?

Disconnect in the properties of the label "Launch from the administrator" And turn on "Compatibility with Windows 8 "

On 2080ti will work?

Will. The question is whether it is advisable?

Type, also Dlss 2.5 include? The whole effect of WAU will leave these new rays (soap will ruin)

Nothing. Why the developers themselves did not include this setting in the menu

It feels like this is a conspiracy!

A little more and scammers will be taken to clean water..

I have something wrong. With all these manipulations in the game, the picture has not changed much, but DLSS turned off at the engine level. Even if you switch it to the menu up to "performance" – Picture and FPS do not change. But the reflections of what were, and remained like that. "Only reading" put, but after leaving the game, the values ​​of these lines returned back to False. The version of the game – 2.02

And the meaning? It is better to use reconstruction with Overdrive rays, because ordinary rays compared to Overdrive far and not demanding. Of course, depending on what kind of vidaha.

Well, here’s an example of what meaning.
Everything is signed, the difference on the face, especially pay attention to the clarity of the reflection in the water. Both pictures on the maximum possible settings of rays with conventional DLSS in quality mode, but without searching for a path without frame generation.

You can do everything the same, but with the search for the path with the rays overdrive? It is possible without file generation.

I emphasize, this is certainly strange, but where the reflection of this is smeared With the search for the path and reconstruction of rays. As for me, the usual RTX+reconstruction looks better than with the search for a path and reconstruction. This is not to mention the fact that the search for a path is at once -20 FPS in a static frame. And in dynamics all 30-35.

OK. I will be in the city today and also check👍

He looked. This is if you register in files through dancing with a tambourine, regarding the reconstruction, you can put a reconstruction without a track. But it doesn’t matter to me. I have the game perfectly.

And the fact that you sent me regarding differences is immediately striking the difference on the photo. Beautiful!) Especially clearness in water space. Right! But the problem is that in a couple of minutes you no longer notice visual changes in the graphonist plan. I do not argue, your changes are colossal in comparisons in the pictures! But if you put Overdrive and play for several minutes, then you will not distinguish between the difference between ordinary rays and overdrive. Just why turn on the reconstruction with ordinary rays on the furnaces? This is equivalent to include DLSS for performance in the resolution of 2560×1440 at 4090. But, if we talk about capital gaming. I agree. Fine. And the meaning? Now resolution of Full HD players. Thickly, you are talking about a static frame that is based on an algorithm for a floating comm. On an example, disassemble a four -multiple element with three plates in a manual gameplay and a piston will be broken inside. As a result, there will be a trawl due to which the load will not be raised, that is, the scrolling of the chain of any caliber will begin. So here the reconstruction will affect smeared soap when reflecting a surface when activating the search for a path in a low pixel, a certain resolution of this display.

It seemed to me that before updating the drivers I had it available on ordinary trace. Then stupidly turned off the bastards.

Did not turn it on, as they did not test enough with ordinary rays. But they promised to turn on later.
And judging by the video, there is a fall in FPS.

you can a link to where they promised?

FPS falls sufficient. Ordinary dlss is clearly better. I have 65+FPS, and with reconstruction of rays 50.

I won’t give a link, but several reviewers have already said that they will turn on for ordinary rays later.

And with Overdrive, the fall is zero, well, from what I see, watching gameplay. Hence the conclusion that they did not manage to test the technology with ordinary rays and turn on later.

As if initially, NVIDIA said that the reconstruction was created to trace the path, it is from the same opera where the models tried to run the frames at 2000/3000, as a result, all the same, they were convinced that without the physical chip this is impossible to do normally on the younger ones

That’s what shakes are all the same, they deceive their own consumers

They did not deceive anything. They promised to turn on everything later, when they are quite tested and made more changes.

I recently entered the settings of Cyberpan and there are so many settings. DLSS, DLAA and T.D. Damn the leg!

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That I like it was well cleaned the game of excess Luta, I did not find it before with the old passage a lot of bugs started by the beginning and the bugs and the Luta of the mud did not start with the old so that there were no rockets and the achievement did not work plus bugs of the excess !
So really, the FPS stable helps to play from the beginning !

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