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The developers of “Troubles” reacted to file leakage

On May 17, a gameplay video and game screenshots of the upcoming project of the English studio Cyberia Nova “Troubles” were published on the DTF platform. Izvestia contacted the developers and found out that this is not the first leak, but the presented files are outdated materials for internal use. In the near future, the

Bethesda claims that Intel ARC video cards do not meet the minimum Starfield requirements for PC

Bethesda has officially released Starfield for PC, and, apparently, the owners of the Intel ARC graphic processors will face problems when it launches it. According to the Bethesda support service, even the Intel ARC A770 graphic processor does not meet the minimum Starfield requirements for PC. Bethesda Support claims that Intel ARC A770 does not

Digital Foundry tested the 3rd act of Baldur’s Gate 3 and found technical errors affecting performance

Baldur’s Gate 3 received generous and well -deserved praise for outstanding quality, almost universal recognition of critics (the game is at the top of the Metacritic and Opencritic charts for PC) and the incredible commercial success of the CRPG with a record number of players in Steam (not to mention the wild indicators of the

City Car Driving 2.0 – Developer Diaries #11

The dynamic weather system and the change in the change of day and night are key elements for creating an atmospheric and plausible world. Such systems should generate not only interesting gameplay moments, but also aesthetic. Before proceeding with such a large task, it is necessary to answer the question – “What do we want