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Glen Scofield leaves Stricking Distance after the failure of The Callisto Protocol

The developer of the video game Striking Distance Studios, a subsidiary of the Korean publisher Krafton Inc., appoints a new leadership a few months after the commercial failure of his first game. The chief executive director Glen Scofield leaves, confirmed on Wednesday the representative of Krafton, saying that he was “I decided to use new

The authors of Alaskan Road Truckers talked about plans for future updates

The Polish studio Road Studio is not going to refuse Alaskan Road Truckers. A trucker simulator, who debuted last month, despite an ambiguous assessment, can count on the development. Fans can expect new content, including free and paid additions. The developers of Alaskan Road Truckers confirmed in the press release their plans for the development

Hearing: Red Dead Redemption 2 and the loss of employees caused the abolition of the plot DLC for GTA 5, not GTA Online

Recent leaks continue to gain speed. Although they are associated with the September hacks of 2022, the latest details that appeared on the Internet relate to eight abolished DLCs for GTA V, Bully sequel and much more. Recently, GTA Online has become a trend, since it is she, according to most players, is responsible for

The recognition of Baldur’s Gate 3 motivates Larian to continue to expand the boundaries in its “next major game”

Yesterday the nominations were announced on The Game Awards 2023, and, as expected, Baldur’s Gate 3, together with Alan Wake 2, headed the race, receiving eight nominations each. The recent (and, possibly, future) victories at the ceremonies of the awards of the Larian studio stimulate the team even more to expand the boundaries in their

Sega believes that Persona 6 will be able to disperse 5 million copies per year thanks to multi -platform release

SEGA has published a decoding of questions and answers that were asked during the last financial conference for investors and analysts. General Director Haruki Satomi and financial director Koiti Fukazawa discussed the company’s activities, a Persona series and Sonic Superstars sales. The document, widespread by the company in Japanese, is reported that sales Superstars are